No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1604

Chapter 1604
“Hehe, I suddenly thought of this idea. But I don’t dare to try it, because I don’t know what’s going to happen!”

Paul chuckled warmly.

Surprisingly, Jack’s eyes became determined and firm after a moment of doubt. “I think we can give this a try!”

“Wait, Young Master Jack, we shouldn’t act recklessly. This thing absorbs aura, and it’s actively absorbing! If you suddenly inject some Chi energy into it, disrupting the balance in it, who knows what’s the consequences? What if the consequence is so grave that it’s unmanageable? It’d be troublesome!”

The First Elder of the Hemperly family instantly jumped and panicked upon hearing this bold suggestion and stepped forward to advise them.

“He’s right, Young Master Jack. We can’t act impulsively. We don’t know what will happen. What if the stone ball explodes? Or becomes a monstrous ball that sucks all the Chi energy out of your body? Then you’ll be doomed!”

Titus also immediately chimed in and warned Jack. “Young Master Hemperly’s idea is too bold and too risky! Besides, even if you want to try it, it’s better to find a random branch family member to do it! You’re the future head of the White family, you’re too important and the entire White family is depending on you! We can’t afford any mishap to happen to you!”

Jack, too, knew that the idea was bold and perilous.

However, when he thought of time slipping by like sand through an hourglass and yet to find a way to break through to the ultimate god realm, he grew anxious.

When he thought of Fernando Campbell, who was still frozen in ice, his heart sank to the deepest, at the same time, it made him more determined

He extended one of his hands, placed it atop the stone ball in front of him, and then began to inject Chi energy into it.

“Don’t do it, Young Master Jack!”

Titus and the others stood frozen by his action. Jack’s behavior was too sudden! When the others reacted, jackie had already injected his Chi energy into the stone ball.

“Young Master Jack, you’re being too hasty!”

Paul’s heart leaped into his throat when he saw what jackie had done. What if jackie died because of this impulsive behavior? Then he was definitely responsible for it! At that time, the White family would kill him!

“Ten days have passed! For God’ s sake, we can’t continue to drag on like this! I can’t! I must try every possible way!”

Jack’s eyes were firm and determined as he continued to inject more Chi energy into the stone ball.

Soon, he found that the absorption power coming from the stone ball grew stronger and started to absorb Jack’s Chi energy even faster!

“The speed is getting faster and faster! It’s actively sucking the Chi energy right now! That’s bad!”

Titus was frightened by the scene before him. He immediately rushed out in a flash, flew into the air, and shouted, “Master White, it’s bad! Master White, come here quickly! It’s really bad! Young Master jackie is too reckless!”

Not long after, Nash as well as many other elders rushed over to their room, while plenty of others surrounded the room outside.

“Jack, you’re too reckless! If you want to try it, you should let others do it! You’re so young and talented, how could you do this yourself? What if something bad happens to you, then what can we do?”

When Nash came into the room, he was worried, fearing that something bad might happen to Jack.

“I’m fine, Dad. I’ll hold on a little longer!”

jackie gritted his teeth, and soon there were beads of sweat dripping down from his forehead.


At this time, the stone ball, which had never reacted to anything else, let out a slight tremor, and a powerful force was emitted. It directly blasted jackie several meters away.


The blast was so sudden that jackie was not prepared for it. He flew away for several meters and almost plopped onto the ground.


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