No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1607

Chapter 1607
Helena was happy for Daniella; her heart was full of joy, at the same time, envy. She was envious that her little sister could find such a good man.

“Nonsense, stop it! I just want to become stronger!”

Daniella’s face was suddenly kissed pink upon hearing Helena’s words. She responded; her tone full of embarrassment.

But at this time, Venus thought of something and turned to Alejandro, “Dad, why are there two lights? Does that mean it’s some magical treasure instead of martial technique? If it’s not a martial technique, likely, we can’t learn it! And that also means that a single light can only allow one person to break through to the ultimate god realm! Wouldn’t all our effort, including going there right now, be in vain?”

Alejandro’s face sank immediately after hearing Venus’s words. He and the other, whose faces were full of excitement, had now been overwritten by gloominess.

However, after a short period of silence, Alejandro smiled and shrugged nonchalantly. “No matter what the situation is, we have to go over and take a look. Even if only seven people can break through to the ultimate god realm with the seven stone balls, it’d be God’s will. I can only say that some things may be predestined, and we can’t help it, right?”

Venus bobbed her head, showing understanding. “Well, I just want to remind you all of it. I’m afraid that everyone might have too much hope and in the end, when we can’t get what we desire, we’ll fall into the abyss of despair.”

“Thanks, but don’t worry. We understand the situation very well!”

Alejandro, the First Elder, and others exchanged glances and bitter smiles were plastered on their faces. “After all, jackie had promised to share with us if the method is some sort of martial technique. He’s kind enough to be willing to share the tips. But if the ultimate clue is not a martial technique, then we can’t help it either! Everyone has to abide by the original agreement!”

The Divine King Sect was the closest clan to the White residence, and because they marched day and night and took no rest, they finally arrived at the White residence on the second day.

Along the way, the people of the Divine King Sect were feeling strange, because the two beams of light had not disappeared at all, so they did not know what the situation was.

“These rays of light shot into the sky and stayed there for a whole day! But, other than that, there’s nothing special about it. If the lights continue to stay on, I’m afraid that the other clans and families would see it and all come over to the White residence. Sigh! What should we do?”

Looking at the two stone balls and the two beams of light before him, Paul rubbed his temple, not knowing what to do. Yesterday, after jackie caused the stone ball to emit the first beam of light, he naturally followed Jack’s practice and began to actively inject Chi energy into the other stone ball. Of course, the end result was similar to Jack’s another beam of light shot up into the sky.

However, up until now, they did not know what these lights were for and what it could do.

“Right. Other clans and families will definitely come here after spotting this vision in the sky. Sigh! And I think some of them are already arriving!”

jackie flashed a bitter smile. Up until now, they did not find any other peculiarities other than the lights. Instead, they drew the attention of other clans and families, and they would surely come here to know what had happened.

“Young Master Jack, Master White, there are many people outside the gate! They seem to be people from the Divine King Sect!”

Just as Jack’s last word fell, a few young men from the White family ran in and reported.


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