No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1608

Chapter 1608
“Oh, speak of the devil, here they are! It looks like they did not rest along the journey here.”

When Nash heard the report, he could not help but smile bitterly then comment, “Let’s go. There isn’t room for too many people here. We’ll meet them outside. If they want to come inside and take a look, they can, but not too many of them!”

jackie nodded in agreement. He asked a few people to stay in the room to watch after the stone balls, and then he flew out of the room.

“Hahaha! Master White, Young Master Jack, you guys are working out something? We spotted these two beams of light from far far away! Congratulations!”

Harry immediately bowed and greeted jackie and Nash with a fist-to-palm salute the moment he saw them. He then congratulated them.

“The room is rather small, so I’m afraid that not every one of you could go in. Master Harry and some elders, you may go in and take a look. As for the rest, please rest outside in the square!” jackie smiled.

Harry’s eyes immediately lit up once he heard Jack’s invitation. “Yes, yes, of course! Everyone, listen, rest in the square! Elders and I will go in and take a look!” He commanded his men.

Soon, jackie and the others led Harry and the elders into the house.

“Those lights are truly from these two stone balls! Brother Jack, how did you make them glow? And about these lights, is there anything special about them?”

Harry gazed at the two stone balls that were placed on the huge table. He asked in awe.

Jack, on the other hand, shot him a dry smile. “To be honest, we’ve studied the lights for a while now, but could not find anything special about these lights. Please, take a closer look.” He continued.

Harry’s face fell and the beams in his eyes dimmed down the moment he heard Jack’s words. “I thought these lights represent the auspicious signs of breaking through to the ultimate god realm. But when I noticed that these lights were still there in the sky, I felt strange. Sigh! There’s not much progress, is there?” He said with disappointment in his tone.

The elder of the Divine King Sect chimed in,” Well! I think the progress is good! We’ve studied and analyzed the stone for so many days, but we found nothing at all! At least jackie and Paul have discovered something different.”

“By the way, Jack, how did you make this light appear?”

Harry finally could not hold back any longer but asked.

“Oh, actually, it’s quite simple. This stone ball will actively absorb the surrounding Chi energy, and after observing this feature, Paul and I found that the two stone balls’ speed of absorbing the Chi energy is the same and constant. So, we want to break such uniformity!”

“So, in the end, we took the risk. We placed our palms on the stone balls and injected our Chi energy into them. The stone balls reacted to our action and began to quickly absorb our Chi energy. And when the absorption reached a certain level, the stone balls released an expulsive force to push the Chi injector away. And then, the beams came out.”

jackie smiled faintly, telling the incident from head to toe to the other party

“So that’s how it is!”

Understanding dawned upon Harry’s face. “But, you guys are bold, aren’t you? What if anything bad happened to you? If any unforeseen accident happens, it’d be a problem!” He continued

“Yup! At that time, we were shocked too! Young Master jackie directly put his palm on it and began to inject his Chi energy into it. Very risky! Fortunately, nothing bad happened to him!”

Titus immediately added.

“Well? Master Harry, since you guys are here, do you want to take out your three stone balls and try this method on them together? Since everyone is here, why don’t we study and explore the stone balls together right here?”

jackie looked at Harry and said straightforwardly.

Harry hesitated for a few seconds. After all, they had three in their hands, and it seemed to be unfair and not profitable to take them all three out.


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