No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1609

Chapter 1609
However, jackie was already so proactive about what they got, telling himself and the others everything about it. Moreover, Jack’s combat power was so strong that even he himself would not want to be his opponent. So, if he was reluctant to take the three stone balls out at that time, the White family would be upset.

After pondering for a few seconds, he had made a decision. “Alright, alright! Let’s take them out and try them together!” He smiled.

With a flip of his palm, one stone ball appeared in his hand. He then turned to the First and Second Elders.

After seeing that Harry had agreed to Jack’s proposal, the First and Second Elder of the Divine King Sect also took out the stone balls they had with them. They placed the stone balls on the table.

“Come on, try and inject your Chi energy into it!”

Harry eyed the two elders once more and then walked to the stone ball. He placed his hand on it, mobilized the Chi energy in his body, and began to inject Chi energy into the stone ball.

After a while, Harry was obviously scared by the speed of the stone ball absorbing his Chi energy. The speed grew faster and faster and it began to actively suck the Chi energy in his body.

“Jack, how long is this going to take?”

Harry immediately shot jackie the question. The first and second elders who stood aside, also looked at jackie with concern in their eyes, fearing that something bad might happen to them. If these stone balls did not stop sucking the Chi energy in their body, they would be doomed by then!

“Don’t worry, it’s almost done!”

Jack, on the other hand, was feeling bashful.

Bang bang bang!

At the same moment, all three were bounced off by the expulsive force of the stone balls. They were flown several meters backward before they could stabilize themselves and stood still. They trembled and felt the numbness on their hands.

What followed the scene was three different colors of light beams were emitted by the stone balls and shot into the sky.

“The light! It really did appear! Only that the color is different!”

Harry exclaimed aloud.

“My goodness! Look, three more beams of light appeared in the sky!”

The Lucas Family, who was on their way to the White residence, saw three more beams of light shooting up into the sky, one after another. They exclaimed in amazement.

“Judging from the situation, the people of the Divine King Sect also went to the White residence! They’re fast, eh? We have to speed up! We want to get a share of good things, don’t we?”

The head of the Lucas Family ordered his men to speed up after witnessing the five different colored beams of light in the sky

In the other direction, the Hall of Divine Royal people had sent out tens of thousands of experts to the White residence. They were heading there at full speed

“Five beams of light in the sky! Freaking five! My goodness! Does this mean that five people have broken through to the ultimate god realm?”

Matthew Charles-the master of the Hall of Divine Royal-stared at the beams of light in the distant sky and sighed.

“Master, we’d better not go. The White family is too powerful! They can kill all four families at once, including three first-class hidden families like the Hunt, Trevino, and Norman families! These three families were removed from the prominent list right now. And we have even more enmity with the White family. So if that brat has truly broken into the ultimate god realm, we won’t even have a chance to escape by then!”

One of the elders of the Hall of Divine Royal was worried and warned Matthew in a panic.


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