No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1610

Chapter 1610
“Better not go? If we don’t go, there’s no way for us to turn the tables anymore! And by then it’ll be impossible to break through to the ultimate god realm!”

Matthew stopped. With his tone upset, he criticized, “If we go back to our sea territory like a shrinking turtle, we can never break into the ultimate god realm! We could only hide within our pathetic territory and wait for death. And what if jackie and others came here and wanted to terminate us? When that time comes, where do you escape to?”

“But…but it’s too dangerous for us to go there this time! If they found out that we were there, we can’t escape either!” |

The old man lowered his head, murmuring

“We’ll hide on the big mountain a distance away from the White family when we arrive so that we’ll not be discovered by them so easily. When the time comes, there’ll be more clans and families going there, and we’ll send a few men to blend into the crowd. In that way, we could at least find out something. It’s better than staying behind and not going. If we go, we can find out about the situation, then we can still find a way to overcome it. Otherwise, this marks the end of our Hall!”

Matthew stressed his point again.

Elder Mosley, at this time, chimed in and supported Matthew, “Master is right. I should go this time and see what those beams of light are. Perhaps, you only need to enter into the beams of light and let the light shower you for a while, then you can break through to the ultimate god realm? Who knows. And I guess there’ll be a lot of people rushing into the beams, and at that time we could seize the advantage and blend in.”

“Yes, yes! What Elder Mosley said is absolutely right! Maybe those lights are some kind of magic or treasure that allows people to break into the ultimate god realm!”

Matthew’s eyes immediately lit up at that thought. The ultimate god realm, how wonderful was that?

“Let’s go and take a look! We should take the risk this time!”

After pondering for a short while, those elders who were somewhat scared of the perceived risk and danger clenched their teeth and their gaze turned determined. The crowd set off toward the White residence once again, flying in the sky at full speed.

“Five beams of light right now! It looks like the Divine King Sect has already arrived at the White residence!”

The Cabello family immediately understood the situation after spotting three more additional lights appearing in the sky. They then accelerated their flying speed, hoping to speed up their pace.

“Young Master Jack, Master White, the Canmore family are here! They said they’re here to visit you.”

Several young men of the White family entered the room where jackie and the others were and reported to them about the arrival of the Canmore family.

Nash’s face fell the moment he heard the report. “Why is the Canmore family here too? Humph! They’re close with the Hunt family and used to look down on our White family! They still have the nerve to come here?”

“Hehe, because they want to know if they can have a chance to break through to the ultimate god realm, right?”

jackie flashed a bitter smile and then studied the room again.” This room is small. If people keep coming here, I don’t think it will fit everyone!”

“Let’s move to the council room in the main hall over there!”

Nash said after giving the matter some thoughts.


jackie bobbed his head, ready to keep the stone ball into his martial ring.

However, he could not. He tried again and found that he could not keep the stone ball into his martial ring anymore.

Likewise, Paul, Harry, and two other elders encountered a similar issue-they could not keep the stone ball away.

They exchanged glances with each other; their eyes were full of surprise and puzzlement.


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