No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1611

Chapter 1611
“How’s this possible? It can’t be stored back into the martial ring!” Harry was embarrassed.” It looks like once the light appears from the stone ball, we are unable to store it back in the martial ring!”

jackie, on the other hand, also smiled bitterly. “It looks like we can only carry it around!”

After he spoke, they flew out while carrying one stone ball each.

“jackie, what about the people from the Canmore family?” Nash had no idea if he should allow the people from the Canmore family to enter. Many of the masters from the White family were outside and they were in the sky, taking care of the order. Obviously, the members of other forces were not allowed in without permission from Nash and jackie.

On top of that, some of the forces brought quite a number of people with them. They did not only bring those in the true god-level but also those in the demi-god level.

jackie thought about it and said, “Nevermind then, we would be seen as stingy people if we don’t allow any of them to come in!”

He looked at the men from the White family who were here to make the report before saying,” How about this? Announce that those forces who went to the Black Windy Island with us are given a twenty pax quota if they are here for a visit as we made a promise previously. The others can stay outside or rest on the empty land at the mountain foot. As for those who did not follow us to the Black Windy Island, such as the Canmore family, they are only given three quotas if they wish to visit us! As for the Hemperly family, twenty of their people are allowed in as they are considered our alliance!”

“Alright, Young Master!” Those young men looked at each other before flying out.

Nash also nodded in satisfaction after he heard what jackie said. The way jackie handled this was extremely well. Not only would they avoid offending the forces that did not follow them to Black Windy Island but those people were also given quotas to enter and take a look at the situation.

As for the forces that followed them to the Black Windy Island, twenty people from each family were allowed to enter. This would give them a sense of superiority and those people would be delighted because of this.

“Young Master jackie, what about the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Flying Eagle Sect? Only three of their people are allowed to enter if they are here? As for the Cloud Sky Sect, I don’t think they dare to come!” Titus soon remembered something. He walked up and reminded jackie.

jackie was embarrassed. “I almost forgot about them. The people from the Cloud Sky Sect would not dare to come as they would be considered suicidal if they come over. As for the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Flying Eagle Sect, they have one stone ball each. We are also waiting for their stone balls as it’s better to study the seven stone balls together. It’s obviously not suitable if they are also given a three pax capacity and I’m afraid that they would be unhappy about it!”

“I think we can give them the capacity of twenty people each. What do you think?” Titus immediately recommended it.

jackie nodded. “Alright. Housekeeper Titus, please assist me in notifying them. It really isn’t a good idea to not treat these two ancient clans the same as the others!”

“Haha… Young Master jackie, you’re too polite! We are a family, nothing is bothersome!” Titus laughed as he flew out toward the entrance of the mountain

He had never imagined that the illegitimate son of the White family that he and his granddaughter, Beth, went searching for would grow so extensively in such a short period of time. Now, even the members of the other ancient clans had to pay attention to jackie’s facial expression when they spoke.

Those young people soon flew out and looked at the master of the Canmore family. “Master Zachary, our young master has given his order. Your people did not follow us to the Black Windy Island nor have any agreement with our young master so you can’t be considered as a friendly alliance. Your people head down the mountain or rest at the plaza over there. However, since you’re here to visit us, we will allow three people to go in and have a look!”

The Fourth Elder, who was standing there to maintain the order, also said with a smile.” That’s right. Since you’re only here for a visit, there’s no need for too many people to enter. It’s quite nice that three of you are allowed to go in. Discuss among yourselves and see which three shall go in!”


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