No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1613

Chapter 1613
Alejandro had a proud expression on his face as he instantly felt that he was one whole level better than the Zacharys. He immediately started picking people to go in with him. After he finished making his choice, he asked the others to rest at the empty space at the bottom of the mountain

The members of the Canmore family were extremely envious when they saw that the Cabello family had a quota of twenty pax.

The members of the Hemperly family also arrived soon. They were also delighted when they learned that twenty of their people were also allowed to enter.

More and more forces arrived. The second or third-class aristocratic families that followed the Hunt family to the Bright Snow Mountain regretted their decision when they found out that they were only given a three pax capacity.

As for those forces that followed the White family to the Black Windy Island, they instantly felt that they were in a much higher position than other forces when they knew that they had a twenty pax capacity

At this moment, many people were standing on a mountain top a distance away and were looking at the situation at the White residence. These were none other than the people from the Cloud Sky Sect.

“There are five beams of light now. It looks like these lights originated from the stone balls. However, I don’t see anybody flying up toward the beams of light. This means that these beams of light aren’t capable of helping a person to break through to the ultimate god level!” Joel slowly guessed after observing for some time.

Lily, who was beside Joel, said,” There’s one stone ball for each dangerous area. It looks like there will be seven beams of light in the end. It looks like the people from the Supreme Clarity Sect and Flying Eagle Sect aren’t here yet but I think they will arrive soon!”

“Unfortunately, we failed to snatch any of the stone balls. If not, we would be allowed to go and the members of the White family would long for us to take the stone ball out so that we can study together!” Joel curled his hands into fists and said in a bad mood. “This is all because of the people from the Divine King Sect. They are despicable as they secretly went to three of the dangerous areas before everybody else and got three stone balls. If they went to one less dangerous area and left one for us, we would not be in such a passive position right now. We would not be out of options and can only look from far away while others are studying the items inside.”

“That’s right. It would be troublesome if the people inside breakthrough to the ultimate god-level after they successfully finished their research. We don’t have any ways to rush in right now as many of the forces obey jackie’s words. If they are researching the stone balls together at this moment, the forces who own the stone ball would definitely stand at the same front. If we dare rush in right now, they would definitely work together to kill us!” An old man from the Cloud Sky Sect said with a helpless expression on his face.

In the woods on top of the other mountain, the members of the Hall of Divine Royal had also arrived as they looked forward from far away

“Hall master, it looks like there are already five stone balls. If that’s the case, there shall be two other balls and seven beams of lights shall appear!” Elder Mosley looked forward and said after he thought about it. “Should we send somebody to linger among the other forces and see if we can learn of any news?”

“We shall wait here and see how it goes. The others are outside and they also do not know what the situation inside is like too. We shall stay here and see how it goes!” Matthew thought about it and finally decided

At this moment, a group of people could be seen flying toward the White residence from far away

“The members of the Supreme Clarity Sect are here!” Some people exclaimed after they took a closer look.


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