No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1614

Chapter 1614
The members of the Supreme Clarity Sect immediately asked about the situation inside after they arrived. However, they obviously would not get any news from the Fourth Elder.

In the end, the members of the Supreme Clarity Sect also found a place to rest. As for their sect master, she and nineteen other masters with high fighting prowess went walking slowly toward a hall in front of them.

“What’s the situation now?” The sect master of the Supreme Clarity Sect immediately asked after she took a look at what was going on and her eyes were filled with expectation.

“Haha… We’ve been looking at it for some time but we did not realise anything. We touched these beams of light with our hands and they are just usual beams of light. We can’t raise our fighting prowess through these beams of lights.” Harry laughed and said to the sect master of the Supreme Clarity Sect, Aureole.

jackie, on the other hand, said,” We’re waiting for you now and we would like to know if anything else would happen after all seven stone balls light up. Apart from you guys, we are waiting for the members of the Flying Eagle Sect too!”

“How did the light come out from the stone balls?” Aureole did not hesitate and asked curiously after she took a look at these stone balls.

jackie and the others soon informed them about the specific steps. A beam of light soon appeared in the line of sight of everybody present.

“There are six beams of light now. Did you guys discover that there was some slight fluctuation in these beams of lights and they are different now!” Soon, somebody discovered some abnormality and immediately said.

“Yes, if we don’t look carefully, we won’t realize the fluctuation. I wonder if bigger changes will happen after the last stone ball lights up!” Nash was also extremely excited. Since there were already some reactions after the beam of light appeared from the sixth stone ball. Everybody started to look forward to the arrival of the last stone ball.

“The sect master of the Flying Eagle Sect arrives with the members of their ancient clan!” Just as everybody was looking forward to it, the voice of a man from the White family could be heard at the entrance.

Soon, under the expecting eyes of the crowd, Griffin slowly walked in with nineteen masters from their ancient clan.

“I discovered that there seems to be something weird about the light beams here when I was at the entrance just now. There seems to be some fluctuation? Did you guys manage to study anything? I originally planned to go to the Divine King Sect to research the stone ball. However, before the agreed time arrived, I saw the beams of light appearing in the direction of the White family and there were even two of them. Hence, we rushed over!” Griffin immediately asked the crowd after he entered

“Haha… What we realized is what you’re seeing right now. We’re waiting for you to take out the stone ball that belongs to your Flying Eagle Sect now!” Harry laughed heartily.

“How did this light emerge?! You guys are really good. We’ve been studying it for so many days but we failed to get any clue!” Griffin started smiling bitterly.

“Haha… This is all thanks to Young Master White and Young Master Hemperly. They are the ones who discovered this!” Harry laughed before telling Griffin the steps in detail.

Griffin immediately took out his stone ball and placed it beside the other balls. He then activated his Chi and started proactively injecting his Chi into the stone ball he obtained.

As time passed, everybody grew increasingly nervous.

The reason being, something different had happened after the sixth beam of lights appeared. They had no idea what the situation would be after the last beam of light appeared and if something different would happen.


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