No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1615

Chapter 1615
“Hopefully…hopefully, there shall be some sort of hint that allows us to directly breakthrough into the ultimate god level!” Even the sect master of the Supreme Clarity Sect could not help but curled her fists tightly. As a superior sect master of an ancient clan, she had always been resolute no matter how serious the matter was. However, she was really nervous this time.


Finally, another beam of light appeared and all seven beams of lights of different colors looked extremely beautiful as they rushed into the sky.

“There are seven beams, seven beams!” Many people outside the hall witnessed the scene. Those who were resting on the floor immediately stood up. Although they had no idea what was happening inside the hall, their hearts were filled with either anticipation or speculation

“There are seven beams of light!” On the faraway mountain top, the members from both the Cloud Sky Sect and Hall of Divine Royal felt a tug in their hearts. However, nobody dared make a move as they had no idea what the situation inside Was.

“There are seven beams of light and the fluctuation is so much stronger. However, it seems like nothing special is happening?” In the large meeting hall, everybody stared at the seven stone balls in front of them. It was as if they were afraid that some precious item would be released from the stone balls the next second and somebody shall snatch it away if they were distracted for a split second.


The beams of lights hummed and in the end, gathered together.

“What’s happening?” At this moment, the First Elder of the Cabello family felt a strong absorptivity pulling on the martial ring he had on his finger.

“These lights seem to be interested in my martial ring?” Kevin looked at his martial ring and he could clearly feel that the absorptivity grew increasingly stronger. He was also extremely nervous at that moment and did not know what to do.

“There seems to be nothing special with this martial ring of yours? Why is it attracted to your martial ring?” Alejandro frowned as he was equally puzzled.

“Take off your martial ring now and maybe walk toward the absorptive force? Or there might be some item in your martial ring that these seven stone balls are attracted to. Why don’t you take out all the items inside the martial ring?” jackie thought about it before suggesting it to Kevin.

“Alright!” Kevin was extremely nervous as the unknown was fearful and he had no idea what would happen next.

He immediately changed his thoughts and sent all the items in his martial ring flying out after he finished speaking.

The next moment, all the other items fell to the ground and the martial ring was no longer absorbed by the weird power. Only the ancient tome flew up and went straight into the beam of lights.

“It’s that ancient tome!” Kevin inhaled deeply after he took a look. All this while, he had always felt that this ancient tome had something to do with breaking through to the ultimate god-level as it recorded so many high-level pills, pill remedies, spirited grass, and others that were unheard of. Hence, he had always treated it like a precious item.

In the end, he discovered that the clues to breaking through into the ultimate god-level had nothing to do with the ancient tome. Instead, it was those seven stone balls discovered in the Seven Dangers that were related to it.

However, he was surprised to discover that the ancient tome was still not a simple item as it was still greatly connected to the ultimate god level.


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