No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1616

Chapter 1616
“It’s that ancient tome!” jackie was just as taken aback when he saw the situation. He had also read the tome, and though he merely spent a few days on it, there was nothing special about the tome apart from some spirited grass among others.

Unexpectedly, after researching these seven stone balls for such a long period, the beams of light these seven stone balls released were able to attract this ancient tome.

Everyone was shocked as the ancient tome was absorbed in.

It flew on top of the beams of light and remained floating there.

Soon, golden light shone on the ancient tome.


The surrounding people became quiet, so much so that the sounds of people gulping could be heard. It was horrifyingly quiet.

Everybody wondered if something was to happen the next second.

Soon, the beams disappeared without a hint. All seven stone balls once again restored their normal state as the ancient tome fell to the ground.


The sect master of the Flying Eagle Sect was the fastest. He rushed forward in a flash and picked up the ancient tome.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Members of the other forces immediately surrounded him, afraid of him running away.

Griffin smiled embarrassingly when he realized what happened. “Fear not, everyone. I just want to take a look and see if there are any changes on this tome.”

“Haha! This ancient tome belongs to me, Master Griffin. Why should you be so anxious when I’m not even in a hurry?” Kevin smiled coldly as he continued, “There are many masters from different families here. Do you think that members of your Flying Eagle Sect can escape after you take this item? You and your people might be able to run if this happened long ago, escaping with your fastest speed, but it’d be all too easy if Young Master jackie wants to kill you now, right?”

No one was foolish, and they knew Griffin had not gotten used to the current situation. He still thought that the four ancient clans were still high above, so he wanted to take the ancient tome and see if it was some sort of martial art technique. If it was a martial art technique, there was a possibility that this guy might immediately fight his way out with the 19 other people from his ancient clan.

Unfortunately, things have changed from before.

Griffin smiled again before opening the ancient tome.” Come over… Come, come… Let’s study it together.”

jackie, Kevin, and the others exchanged looks before they gathered forward.

“All seven beams of light have disappeared. Hall Master, we have no idea what the situation is like right now. Shall we rush in to take a look?” suggested an old man from the Hall of Divine Royal to Matthew after all seven beams of light disappeared. “If there are some precious items…”

The corners of Matthew’s mouth twitched a couple times after he heard this. He wanted to rush in badly, but there were so many masters from the mainland there. It was like signing his death warrant even if more people came, let alone his own men there.


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