No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1617

Chapter 1617
Matthew balled his fists and reluctantly replied, “Let’s wait and see. We’d be crazy if we rushed in now. Let’s see what the situation is like later on.”

Similarly, Joel and the rest from Cloud Sky Sect were also puzzled as they had no idea what was happening inside. However, they could only wait on standby

On the other hand, jackie and the others stared at the ancient tome as they started reading it.

“The pill remedies and information about the pills have disappeared!” After flipping through several pages of the ancient tome, a surprised expression was written all over Kevin’s face. He then continued to say, “What’s written on it?”

Everybody started looking at it together, and all of them looked surprised after they inspected it.

“Dear me… It’s recorded in this tome that there were a lot of Chi on this earth many years ago, and many had broken through to the ultimate god-level. There was even another fighting prowess level and is known as the soul-penetrating level. Both the ultimate god and soul penetrating level is divided into nine grades, from the first to the ninth grade!”

“On top of that, the people in the ultimate god-level can live up to two hundred years while the person in the soul-penetrating level can live up to five hundred years!” Kevin inhaled deeply when he read this and was deeply astounded.

“My god… The ultimate god level should be quite terrifying! What sort of existence would the soul-penetration level be? Apart from that, a person who’s in the soul-penetration level can live for five hundred years. Oh my goodness, five hundred years!” An old man with white hair from the Tudor Family was so excited that his eyes turned red. If he was given the opportunity to reach the ultimate god-level or achieve the soul-penetration level, he could live for at least 400 years. The thought of it filled him with hope.

He was already 70, and if he failed to break through, death was the only ending left for him despite being in good health. He would not be able to live long,

After he sighed with excitement, he immediately said to jackie and the others, Bosses, please take a look quickly and see what’s written behind. Are there any other fighting prowess?”

jackie smiled bitterly before he continued to flip the tome. After looking at it for a while, he said, “I think the Chi on this earth must’ve been several times more in the past compared to how it is currently. From the records, many have entered the soul-penetration level, but to break through into the soul-penetration level, a person needs a lot of Chi. They need third-grade pills or fourth-grade spiritual grass to provide enough Chi to help them break through into the level!”

“If that’s the case, our earth had third and fourth-grade spirited grass many years ago. There must also be quite a lot of such items. Otherwise, how could so many people break through into the soul-penetration level?” gushed the old man at jackie’s explanation

The Melody Lawson , Melody Lawson, also frowned and asked curiously,” However, where are those masters from years ago? Have all of them passed away? Why can’t we even see third-grade spirited grass, let alone fourth grade spirited grass? If those who were at the soul-penetration level had already died after their time was up, does this mean that this was five hundred years or maybe longer ago?”

“Yes. Due to some unknown reason, the Chi of this earth had thinned out, and it’s unknown where those so-called masters went.” jackie wore a solemn expression

“What about behind? Is anything written behind?” urged the curious Titus at jackie and the others. All of them wanted to know what happened. Where did those previous masters go? Would they still have the opportunity to break through into the ultimate god level? jackie once again took a look and said, “The records here said that our people were abandoned by others for unknown reasons. Those masters who had broken through into the so-called soul-penetrating realm disappeared within a short period. However, some people saw that some of the masters in the soul-penetrating level went toward the direction of Misty Forest.”


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