No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1618

Chapter 1618
“Misty Forest?” Many people were baffled when they heard the term. Misty Forest was an extremely special place, and though it was not extremely dangerous, many people failed to come out after entering the forest. The deeper they walked into the forest, the more difficult it was to escape.

More importantly, flying was impossible after arriving at the deeper parts of Misty Forest. The gravitational force in the area was obviously different from the outside world.

As his expression faltered and darkened, he turned to jackie and confessed, “Lance and the others went to Misty Forest.”

He still had complicated feelings toward Lance. After all, what Lily did made him shameful, and he had also punished Lily

Unexpectedly, Lily still remained impenitent and worked together with the Lagorio family to go against the White family. This was the reason the Lagorio family no longer existed

However, Lance had no idea about what happened before, and he did not know the whole story, thus Nash did not hate Lance.

Of course, Lance and those from other families had completely disappeared after they went to Misty Forest. There was a high possibility that they had long died inside.

He did not expect that the final destination these seven stone balls pointed to was Misty Forest.

Harry, from the Divine King Sect, then recommended, If we’re truly out of options, let’s just chop off all the trees in the forest. Also, there are so many of us here, and it shouldn’t be an issue for us to go in and take a look together!”

Nash smiled bitterly and immediately disproved Harry’s idea, “I’m afraid that won’t work. Everybody knows that the trees in Misty Forest are ancient and extremely huge. It isn’t so easy to chop off any of the trees. The most crucial point is that this forest is huge, and even if the people from our forces enter the forest, it’d be like throwing a stone into the sea. You wouldn’t know how long you’d need to chop the trees.”

“The most crucial point isn’t those trees from Misty Forest, it‘s the mist. The deeper you go, the more difficult it’ll be to walk into the area. If you accidentally lose your way, you won’t get out.” Titus also started frowning and a darkened expression appeared on his face.

As a thought occurred to him, Paul said to jackie and the others, “Let’s take a look at the back part, shall we? Aren’t there a couple more pages in this tome? Is there anything else written there?”

jackie also continued to flip the ancient tome. He inhaled deeply before he spoke again, “It’s said here that an absolute master appeared here and had the martial art technique for training left from his father. He led many people in breaking through into the ultimate god level, and there were even people who broke through into the soul-penetration level. In the end, he collected all seven stone balls according to the clues his father left him, and he found the entrance to the sacred grounds according to the beams the stone ball released…”

Aureole grew ecstatic at what she heard. “This is great. It looks like the masters in the past were forced to leave this place and headed to a place known as the sacred grounds together for some unknown reason. This sacred ground must be where those masters went, and it’s definitely much better than this place. I mean, why else would they want to go to that place?”


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