No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1619

Chapter 1619
“Yes, and it looks like one of the masters secretly stayed behind to train the martial art technique for the sake of his son, and he even told his son how to get to that place. He just didn’t expect his son to lead many people there. No matter what it is, we also have hopes of going there now that we have this news and these seven stone balls!” Nash nodded, and the excitement in his eyes could not be hidden.

“Everybody, please take back your stone balls for safekeeping!” jackie immediately said after he realized the importance of the stone ball, and the forces who owned the stone ball retrieved theirs.

jackie once again looked at the records at the back of the book and said, “Nothing much is recorded in the back of the ancient tome. A map with the directions to Misty Forest is drawn there, and the approximate course is there. With these directions, it shouldn‘t be an issue if we follow it.”

“Haha! This is great! When shall we depart? Let’s go now! After all, I’ve already brought all the members of my family who are in the demi-god level. Why don’t we go now since all the larger forces are here?” The family master of one of the second-class aristocratic families, who made an agreement with jackie and the others, wanted to depart immediately in his haste.

“That’s too sudden. Apart from that, there are many forces or casual trainers who rushed here to be onlookers,” reasoned jackie. “Apart from that, members of the Cloud Sky Sect must be hiding somewhere out there and want to look at the situation here. After all, the people present aren’t the only ones who saw those beams of light!”

“We’ll listen to your suggestion then, Young Master jackie. Apart from that, we believe that you won’t leave us and ignore us. Please tell us what to do, and we’ll follow your instructions,” responded the family master from a second-class aristocratic family profoundly.

After all, they followed the White family to Black Windy Island previously, and jackie made a pact with everybody before they entered the island.

From what they saw, jackie was a very reliable person as he allowed them to enter, observe, and analyze things together. He even gave them a 20 pax capacity each, and this proved that jackie was a person who kept his promise.

“Yes, Young Master jackie. Give us your order, and we’ll listen to you!” All members of the third-class aristocratic families looked at jackie as their leaders. This caused the members of all three ancient clans present to glower in embarrassment.

“How about this: Everything has happened so suddenly, and I’m also in a hurry to take a look at the so-called sacred place. After we go out, let’s not talk about the situation here and just say that we didn’t discover anything. The casual trainers and the onlookers shall leave by then.

“Leave with your brethren after getting out, and upon returning home, discuss among your people to see how many people should be brought and how the matters at home should be arranged. Remember to say goodbye to your family members; nobody knows what’ll happen once we get there. Nobody knows if we’re able to break through into the ultimate god level, right? We’ll depart one week later and gather outside Misty Forest before entering the forest together,” suggested jackie to the crowd.

“Alright, it’s decided then. Let’s all go back, and we’ll all depart one week later. Let’s all wait outside of the forest and enter Misty Forest together once everybody has arrived. We’ll follow the directions on the map and head for the sacred grounds!” Harry nodded as he spoke, and everybody else also agreed to it.


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