No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1620

Chapter 1620
Since Harry said this, Aureole and Griffin naturally made no comments and agreed altogether.

Soon, the masters in the hall walked outside one after another.

Those who waited outside had waited from earlier on, and all of them wanted to know what had happened inside. They even wanted to know if anybody had broken through into the ultimate god-level or found clues about the ultimate god-level.

“Pavilion master, how did it go? How was it? Have you guys broken through?”

“Pavilion master, have you received news about the ultimate god-level? Were there any useful clues? I see that all of you have smiles on your faces, so there must be some good news, yes?

Members of the Pavilion of Kings and Gods who did not follow them inside immediately walked forward and asked with anticipation when they saw their members coming out.

“Family master, how did it go?” Members of the Cabello family also went forward in excitement as anticipation filled their eyes.

Alejandro looked at the crowd and said, “Nothing has come out from the research. Let’s talk more when we go back.”

“What? You’ve learned nothing, even after all that?!” Members of the Cabello family felt dejected after they heard this. If they failed to learn anything after putting all seven stone balls together for research, it would be even more difficult in the future to learn anything

“Come on, let’s return for now.” Alejandro looked far away and noticed a few forces who came to take a look after they saw the heteromorphism where they were. jackie was right: It was best that they try to keep a low-profile about what happened. They should leave this place and make arrangements on the number of people back home. One week should be enough to make the necessary arrangements.

Paul thought about it and said to Darcy, “Father, you guys can go back to make the arrangements first. I’ll continue to stay at the White family with our Third Elder, and I’ll follow Young Master jackie over later on. We can’t return with you as I’m afraid that the forces that don’t have the stone ball, like the Cloud Sky Sect and others, would think of a plan to get ours. It’s better to be careful. They won’t cause us trouble if they know I’m still at the White family with our Third Elder!”

“You’re right. It’s best if you and the elders don’t go back. We’ll be taking our leave, then!” Darcy nodded and soon left with his people.

Members of the other ancient clans and families soon left with their people. Some family members even purposely shook their heads and sighed loudly while saying that they failed to realize anything. It was as if they did not hear them.

At that moment, Joel and the Others who had been waiting for some time on the opposite mountain started frowning.

“I wonder what the situation is like. Why are these people starting to leave?” Lily was somewhat worried as she looked in front of them. She was afraid that somebody from the White family had already broken through to the ultimate god level.

“Be patient. I’ve already sent a couple of people pretending to be casual trainers there. They’ll return in a short while.” Joel was just as terribly anxious, but there was nothing else they could do. They could only wait quietly.

After some time, a couple of people flew back.

“How was it? Are there any clues? What did they say?” everybody asked with anticipation after they saw those people returning.


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