No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1622

Chapter 1622
Meanwhile, Elder Mosley from the Hall of Divine Royal also discovered the problem. They soon secretly followed another small third-class aristocratic family after they had an internal discussion.

After flying for half a day, members of the previous third-class aristocratic family were stopped by Joel and the others.

“Master Joel, what…what a coincidence! It’s such a coincidence to bump into you at such a place, no?” The people from this third-class aristocratic family faltered when they noticed a large number of members from the Cloud Sky Sect in front of them. They were extremely nervous; they were here for nefarious intentions. Why else would they encounter them in such a desolate area?

“Haha… It truly is a coincidence!” spoke the laughing Joel as he sized them up. “Master West, I won’t beat around the bushes and get straight to the point. You guys have just come out from the White family, and we’ve followed you all the way. Speak up, cause I know that quite a few of you have entered. Tell me about the situation inside.”

The family master of the West family immediately had a slightly darkened expression on his face after he heard this. He was silent for a couple of seconds before he smilingly replied, “Master Joel, it’s true that we went to the White family. They allowed twenty of us to enter because of our previous agreement!”

Joel was slightly stunned and asked with a frown, “Agreement? What agreement?”

“Before we went to Black Windy Island, aristocratic families like us made an agreement with the young master of the White family to work together when entering Black Windy Island so that we could reduce our casualties. As for the stone ball, no matter who obtained the item, the other forces can’t fight over it once it was stored in a person’s martial ring…” The family master of the West family could only tell Joel the more insignificant details to dissolve his suspicion.

“I see. No wonder none of you suffer huge losses after going to Black Windy Island and not many of the White family members died. However, many of the members from my ancient clan and the Hunt family who went to Bright Snow Mountain perished. Turns out that there was such an agreement!” Joel finally realized what had happened. He then said with a smile, “Then can you tell us what you saw after you entered the White family’s hall just now? Did you guys learn anything?”

Master West immediately said. “Master Joel, we did enter the hall with them, but I believe you also saw what happened. There were seven beams of light following the arrival of the seven stone balls. However, we discovered that the beams did nothing after they joined together, and it didn’t help anybody in breaking through into the ultimate god-level. Everybody studied the beams of light for some time but still found nothing. That’s why we can only go back to our respective homes.”

“That’s right, Master Joel. We were looking forward to it. All of us thought that a person’s fighting prowess can be elevated and that a person could break through into the ultimate god level after those seven beams of light joined together. In the end, it was all for naught and we just expected too much,” another elder from the West family immediately assented from the side.

They were not stupid. If they said nothing, the other party would surely distrust them. If they said something irrelevant, however, the other party might believe in what they said.

“Is it true? You guys learned nothing after spending so much time on it?” Joel observed these two people closely, and he obviously questioned the reliability of what they said.

“It’s true, Pavilion Master Collins! Where would we have the guts to lie to you? Your Cloud Sky Sect is one of the four ancient clans, and we don’t have the guts to lie to you!” spoke the family master of the West family, nodding as he did.

“Hmph. You could be lying!” Lily, who was at the side, scoffed and glanced at Joel.

Joel immediately caught what Lily meant. He grabbed the elder by his neck and held him up. The Chi on his hands surged. “Be honest, or I’ll kill you if you don’t tell me the truth!”

“It… It’s true, Pavilion Master Collins! They really didn’t learn anything, and we don’t know how to break through to the ultimate god-level!”


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