No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1623

Chapter 1623
Startled at Joel’s behavior, master west insisted on their stance at the thought of how kind jackie was to him and the others.

Joel was not one to be fooled easily, however. He snapped the elder’s neck simply by tightening his grip.


“Fifth Elder!” Many were furious when they saw this situation and some clenched their fists tightly, but they knew they did not have as many people compared to Joel and his men. They did not even have a master in the peak stage of the true god-level.

The only person with the highest fighting prowess among them was the family master in the final stage of the true god-level. How could they fight off the people from the Cloud Sky Sect?

“Hmph! You don’t want to tell me?” Joel ignored the burning gazes sent in his direction as he lifted an old woman by her neck and raised her from the ground. “Tell us what you learned inside honestly. If you don’t speak up, she’ll be the next one to die!”

“Grandmother!” A young lady was anxious as her eyes reddened.

“W…We’re not lying to you!” spat Master West through gritted teeth.

“Hmph!” scoffed Joel as he tightened his grip and killed the old lady. “You truly are capable of retaining your composure, Master West. Then, the next one shall be him!”

Joel flickered and raised a young man in the blink of an eye. The man was none other than the son of the West family master.

Joel was inwardly unsure if the West family was lying to him, but he still planned to test them even if he killed the wrong people.

As expected, Master West eventually conceded as he gritted his teeth, “Let go of my son, and I’ll tell you what happened!”

Pleased at the confession, Joel placed the young man back on the ground with his hands still gripping his neck. “Speak up, and your son won’t die if you’re honest. Of course, if you lie, not only will I kill your son, but everybody here will die, too!”

The corners of Master West’s mouth twitched several times before he confessed, “The ultimate god-level exists.”

“It does exist. Go on, continue. How can a person breakthrough into the ultimate god-level? Has anyone among them broken through? Did they obtain anything like a martial art technique or other items?” Joel was extremely delighted, and his eyes were filled with anticipation. He would have let the Wests leave had Lily reminded him.

Unexpectedly, he obtained the information he wanted after he acted craftly.

“Nobody broke through into the ultimate god level, but there are some clues. There were many masters in the ultimate god-level long ago, but they’ve gone into Misty Forest.”

“We made arrangements to gather outside Misty Forest one week later, and we’ll enter Misty Forest together by then,” grumbled Master West through gritted teeth.


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