No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1624

Chapter 1624
“To Misty Forest one week later?” Joel was pleased with the news he discovered-excited, even. It seemed that visiting Misty Forest would give one hope of breaking through into the ultimate god-level, and it seemed to be a great opportunity for him and the others.

Master West looked at Joel and pleaded, “Master Joel, I’ve already told you everything I know. Can you release my son and let us go?”

Joel thought about it and released the young man from his grip before he said, “You guys can forget what happened today. jackie and the others won’t know that you were the ones who informed us about the situation. You guys won’t suffer any losses if that’s the case!”

Joel paused here before he continued, “Of course, I won’t suffer anything if you spill. On the contrary, the White family or the other ancient clans would think of you as a traitor, that you ratted them out. None of them will forgive you and your West family!”

Lily, who stood beside them, thought about it and said to Joel, “Honey, I think we should take several of their people with us to prevent them from acting dishonestly. It’d be better if we capture several people back as hostages.”

“You said you’d…let us go after we told you about what happened!” Master West was enraged, never thinking that they would be so despicable. Not only did they kill two of the West family’s members, but they changed their minds so quickly as well.

“Haha! That was then, and this is now!” Joel laughed out loudly and ordered, “Capture five of their people: the young master of Master West and several other elders!”

“That’s unacceptable, Honey!” Lily immediately persuaded, “Won’t it be easy for the people from the White family to find out what we did if you capture their young master and their elders? After all, won’t it look problematic if the West family members didn’t bring their young master and their elders to a place like Misty Forest?”

Only then did it dawn on Joel. “You’re right. Ah, my wife is still the smart one. How about this: let’s capture several of their patronums or grandsons of some elders. That’ll work, right?”

Lily nodded. “That’s more like it!”

Although the members of the West family were extremely unwilling to comply, Joel and the rest took several of their people as hostages.

“Haha! Thank you for your cooperation, Master West. It’s very simple: All you guys need to do is just think of a way to leave some markings for our people who’ll follow after you. If not, these people from your West family will die!” Joel and the others laughed loudly before they left.

Master West was so angry when he saw the two bodies on the ground that his voice slightly trembled, “I never expected the people from the Cloud Sky Sect to be so despicable to do something like this!”

“Sigh! We can only blame ourselves for being unlucky. Now that they’re holding our people as hostages, we can’t tell anybody about this. Otherwise, the Cabello family, White family, or any of the people from the three other ancient clans would be capable of getting rid of them with a wave of their hands!”


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