No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1625

Chapter 1625
An elder sighed and lamented their fate.

“We’ll remember these hateful actions of theirs. We’ll avenge our people when we have the opportunity to breakthrough into the ultimate god-level or become a master!” growled Master West’s son through gritted teeth.

Master West nodded, but he then muttered, ” Yes, but there’s nothing else we can do right now apart from obeying their orders.”

“Father, how many people should we bring with us to Misty Forest a couple of days from now?” asked the son of Master West. “The forest will get more difficult to come out of the deeper we go. It’s difficult to travel both in and out of that place, and we also have no idea where those masters from years ago went to in the end. Won’t it be dangerous if we go with them? Everything is unknown!”

“You’re right, but the temptation of the ultimate god-level is really strong, and we should try our best to send more people there. Still, I think it’s best if we leave a few people in the true god-level here as it’s too dangerous. We should encourage those in the elementary and intermediate stages of the demi god-level to not go with us, but if they insist, it’ll be up to them. Of course, no one can confirm that they’d be coming back home from this trip.”

Master West said purposefully after he was quiet for some time. “After all, the ancient tome recorded that none of those masters returned after they went there, and it’s unknown why that‘s so. It’s possible that there’s a place where there‘s more Chi compared to this place, and nobody is willing to return.”

“Alright, let’s go back and talk about it some more.”

With that, members of the West family left and headed back home.

Meanwhile, at the White family…

jackie had already returned to his room.

Selena walked toward him and grabbed his hands, saying, “Honey, I’ve learned about the situation. I have to go with you this time!”

“Sigh… We’re not sure about the situation over there, and it might be extremely dangerous. To be honest, I don’t really wish for you to risk everything with me!”

jackie sighed before he continued, “Mother, Grandfather, your grandparents, and Kylie can’t go with us as their fighting prowess is too low, especially Kylie. She’s still too young. Have you made up your mind?”

“I’ve already made up my mind. I couldn’t accompany you during your previous adventures because I was afraid I’d trouble you with my low fighting prowess. I’ve been training hard, and I’ m already in the intermediate stage of the demi god-level. Yes, it’s not that high, but it’s nowhere pitiable either, so I have to go with you!”

Selena had a persistent expression on her face.” On top of that, so many experts never returned after they went there, and I’m afraid you’d find it hard to return from there, so I…must go with you! No matter how things will be after we go there, I’ll follow you. I’m not afraid, even though this journey might cost me my life.”

jackie was incredibly moved when he heard Selena ‘s proclamation. “Alright, let’s go together this time, and I believe we’ll return. After all, Fernando is still waiting for me to rescue him. I originally wanted to leave after half a month. You‘d have more time to accompany your parents and our daughter. After all, our future is uncertain this time, and I have no idea how it’ll be, but Fernando didn’t leave us much time.”

“Yes, I understand. I saw that you’ve been spending your free time cultivating second grade premium pills recently. How is it going? Did you break-through?” Selena also smiled when she saw that jackie had agreed to it. She also knew that if she had not been training hard and was quite talented, jackie would not have brought her along with her newfound fighting prowess.


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