No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1626

Chapter 1626
“There’s been some improvement, but I still haven’t succeeded in cultivating the pill,” replied jackie with a tight-lipped smile. “I don’t plan to cultivate pills for the next few days so I can accompany Kylie and the others, but I’ll resume it whenever I can and will try my best to become a third or even fourth-grade alchemist as soon as possible.”

The next few days, both jackie and Selena accompanied Kylie, Joan, and the others to stroll in the nearby town in their spare time.

As for Ben, he had no choice but to stay back as he had not broken through into the semi stage of god level. On the other hand, Fiona and the others also required his company. As for Elaine, jackie asked her to stay back and guard the White family because Ben remained.

They had also arranged for some people with higher fighting prowess to go to Misty Forest with them.

To be on the safer side, jackie left two to three members in the final stage of the true god-level to protect the White family.

Several days later, jackie and the others finally started their journey when they noticed that it was almost time.

Almost 20,000 people went with them, and they were at least in the intermediate or final stages of the demi god-level.

These 20,000 people segregated and either went up on jackie’s, Nash’s, or Kenneth’s flying sword as they journeyed to Misty Forest.

jackie and the others were able to see Misty Forest from afar the next morning, and the forest before them looked much like a boundless sea with no end in sight.

“Oh my… This is the first time I’ve seen such a huge sea of forest. It looks so beautiful with the wind drifting through!” Selena’s eyes twinkled faintly at the sight.

“Yes, the area before us is so dreamlike, blanketed in mist, but it’ll be easier to get lost in the woods the deeper a person goes with this strange mist around. The deeper we go, there’s even another mist that’s pink in color. We dare not enter that area as we can’t fly in that area. It’s a maze in there, and it’ll drain the energy out of you to just get out.” Titus explained.

“Young Master Lance and the others didn’t come out after they came to this forest, and I’m afraid that they’ve died inside. The people we sent to search for them previously dared not enter the area and could only search at some of the places out here.”

Nash, hearing this recount, sighed. “Lance and the others must’ve been curious about this forest, that they entered by mistake and not knowing the area well. Sigh… It’s been such a long time-everyone must’ve perished already.”

jackie thought about it and asked Nash, “Father, what if… What if they didn’t die? What if Lance is still alive? Do you think that he’d hate you? Would he accept me?”

His question stunned Nash momentarily before a bitter smile graced his face. “That’s highly unlikely. There are quite a number of monster beasts in this Misty Forest, and everybody needs to be careful. Lance had always had a good relationship with his mother. If he’s still alive, I think it’d be hard for him to accept everything that has happened. Of course, there’s a possibility that he had no idea about what his mother had done. Things might be different if he knew about it.”

“Alright.” jackie nodded, and the group continued to fly forward.

Meanwhile, a family master of a second-class aristocratic family chuckled in excitement as they stood on a plot of empty land outside the forest. “All we need is to wait for the members of the White family. Our people have been here since yesterday. Haha… We can hardly wait!”

Another family master from a third-class aristocratic family even said, “I’ve been here since two days ago! We’re the earliest one to be here!”

Alejandro smiled bitterly after he heard this.” You people are afraid that forces with the stone balls would arrive earlier and go in without waiting for you guys, aren’t you? All of you are here so much earlier than planned!”

“Haha… That’s not the case, Master Cabello. The main thing is that the scenery here is also quite nice, and it seems like a great idea to come earlier so we get to enjoy the scenery. Apart from that, we can benefit from this trip and breakthrough to the ultimate god-level or higher realms if we’re lucky. On the contrary, we might die inside if we’re unlucky. Nonetheless, it’s not going to be easy if we wish to come back! Let’s just enjoy this sky and land while we can.”


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