No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1627

Chapter 1627
The family master of the third-class aristocratic family smiled embarrassingly.

“I can’t wait any longer. Why are the members of the White family so slow? Shall we go forward and take a look? Could something have happened?” Harry from the Divine King Sect started to worry.

After all, he knew that forces like the Hall of Divine Royal and Cloud Sky Sect were not people to be offended, especially his junior brother. Although he ran away after jackie defeated him, he would not give up so easily.

When everybody came out, they clearly stated that they did not discover any news about breaking through into the ultimate god-level. However, if the other party suspected something throughout these few days, there was a possibility that they might be able to discover hints.

“Don’t worry, everything should be fine. Even if somebody wants to snatch the stone balls, they’d choose the people from our three ancient clans and not the White family. With jackie’s combat power, they just can’t take the stone ball from him!” Shelby smiled indifferently as she looked forward in anticipation.

Moments later, the crowd spotted a group of people flying toward them from afar. “They’re here!”

“It’s jackie, Paul, and the others. They’re here! We‘re only waiting for their stone balls!” gushed the members of the Lucas Family.

“Master, it’s young master and the others!” One of the patronus from the Hemperly family was just as elated when he spotted Paul and the others. Everything resumed to its original position once more.

“I’m sorry for making all of you wait.” As they stopped their flying swords mid-air, jackie and the others gestured politely with their hands to the crowd that waited for them.

Inspecting the crowd, he noticed that apart from the families they made a pact with before, the Canmore family and Lucas Family had also come forward. Apart from that, the three ancient clans were also present. The large gathering of people nearly equated to a total of 300,000 people, and it was a huge crowd of people.

“Haha… It’s alright, we’ve just arrived anyway!” The family master who had arrived a day earlier smiled modestly. He then asked intimately, ” Young Master jackie, you guys must’ve been tired on this journey. How about everyone resting before we continue to travel?”

“I think we should get to the area where we can’t fly, and we’ll then rest there,” suggested jackie carefully.

Everybody looked excited when jackie planned to start the journey right off the bat.

At this moment, Kevin took the ancient tome out and took a look at the map. After looking at it in detail, he said, “Traveling in this direction will do the trick!”

“Alright, let’s go!” jackie nodded, and everybody started flying. A large gathering of people thus went straight into the forest.


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