No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1628

Chapter 1628
Joel and his company had waited in a mountain far away for a long time. Excitement was written all over Joel’s face when he spotted jackie and the others flying up and into the forest. “Good, that’s very good. They truly are gathering there!”

“Haha… It’s true, alright. We killed two of their people and have several hostages with us. They won’t dare lie to us!” Lily smiled coldly as she gazed at the forest before them. With reddening eyes, she muttered lowly, “I’m here, Lance, at this very forest. Please tell your mother you’re still alive. You’re still in this forest, right? You must’ve gotten lost and couldn’t find your way out, right? That must be it!”

Noticing Lily’s foul mood, Joel impatiently grumbled, “Stop sighing; your eldest son must’ve died long ago. I know about that young man, and he’s quite talented. If jackie hadn’t resurfaced and your son didn’t come to such a hellhole, your son would be the next in line for the family master title!”

“Remember the direction they flew to, and we’ll follow far behind them. By then, most of you will fly below the trees while two of us fly higher than the trees to secretly observe the directions they’re flying in. When we reach the area where we can’t fly, the members of the West family will leave markings for us. There won’t be any mistakes if we go in that direction!”

Joel smiled indifferently, and he had to admire Lily’s wisdom. He smilingly spoke, “Ninth mistress, do you know why I only brought you and not my other wives this time? It’s because you’re the smartest among them. Not only are those eight old women old, but they’re extremely dense as well. Bringing them with me is useless, and you’re the only one who can be of my assistance.”

“Is that so?” Lily purposely looked at Joel flirtatiously and said, “You have to help me in killing that young guy, jackie, once you break through to the ultimate god-level. My only wish in this lifetime is to see that guy dying in front of me!”

“Haha… Don’t worry! I’ll definitely work hard to break through so I can help kill that guy for you!”

Chuckling, Joel glanced at the hostages beside him and beamed, “Luckily, my darling thought of a way and kept several people as our hostages. Otherwise, we won’t be able to do anything to the West family if they don’t leave any markings as clues for us after they enter!”

“It’s almost time. We can start our journey now!” reminded Lily as she looked forward.

Joel nodded. With a wave of his hand, everyone flew toward the outskirts of Misty Forest.

However, after flying some distance away, they discovered another group of people traveling towards the same area from another direction.

Joel frowned when he saw this.” Quick, take a look over there. Why is there another group of people?”

Lily also frowned and spoke, somewhat baffled, “What’s going on? That’s a large number of people. D*mn it! Had jackie and the others had some backup plan to kill us here? Had the West family informed jackie and the others, ignoring the lives of these people?”

At the same time, Matthew and the others also discovered Joel’s group flying out from the other direction

“What’s happening? Why is there another group of people? Are they the people that come late?”


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