No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1629

Chapter 1629
Matthew frowned and looked alert, not wanting to be discovered as it would only trouble him.

“That’s impossible! jackie and the others wouldn’t leave without everybody present; they’ve all made that promise. From their attire, those should be people from the Cloud Sky Sect!”

Elder Mosley looked far away and relaxed when the sight registered to him. “I’ve inquired quite some news recently, and this Cloud Sky Sect is the enemy of the White family. Let’s go over to them! It looks like they’re also secretly following the others, and they may have several hostages from small families like we do!”

Matthew and the others relaxed when they heard what Elder Mosleyseley said.

Matthew also started smiling. “Since they’re enemies with ours, that’ll make us allies. Haha..! Let ‘s get acquainted, then!”

“They’re coming! They’re coming! They’re coming toward us-be alert, everyone!” Joel was on high alert as they fast approached the empty plot of land outside Misty Forest. The members of the Cloud Sky Sect also looked forward in an extremely alert manner.

“Who are you people?” questioned Joel loudly at Matthew and the others after they stopped some distance away.

“Haha… No need to panic; we’re friends!” Matthew laughed out loudly before he started to make the introductions. “You’ve never seen us, but we’ve heard about you guys. Let me introduce ourselves. We’re forces from the sea. When jackie and the others went to Black Windy Island, we had a fight that resulted in the deaths of many of our people. Due to that, we’re the White family’s enemies. We’re here this time because of the ultimate god-level, so that makes us allies of sorts.”

Joel relaxed when he heard this. “I see. You’re our friends from the seas! It looks like you’ve quite a large number of people, and there should be about seventy to eighty thousand of you. Tsk, tsk! I’ve never realized that there’s such a large force among the seas!”

“Haha… There are many forces in our seas, and most of them obey us, the Hall of Divine Royal. However, we’ve lost many masters during our battle with the White family and the other families. This reduced the number of our masters, and we aren’t capable of contending with the White family now.” Matthew laughed heartily. I know that you guys nurse a very deep grudge with the White family, so I think we can team up and enter this forest together.”

Joel nodded. He then observed the other party’s people in detail before saying, “Although you have quite a large group of people, and not many of them are in the true god-level, there’s still potential. Let’s go. We can’t continue wasting our time here. It’ll be troublesome if we lose them here!”

“That’s right! Let’s go, and we’ll talk along the way. However, there’s a small possibility of losing them. We’ve captured several hostages here, and some of the people traveling in front of us will leave markings for us!” spoke the grinning Matthew.

“What a coincidence! We also have several hostages with us here. Haha…! It is true that great minds think alike! We’ve thought of the same idea!” Joel also laughed out loudly. The group soon flew forward and entered the vast forest.


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