No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1630

Chapter 1630
jackie and the others had no idea at this moment that two large forces had followed them into the forest.

After the group of people flew inward for around two hours, they finally arrived at the area where the pink mist was located. Once they reached this area, jackie discovered that his Chi grew disoriented as it became difficult for him to control his Chi.

jackie and the others immediately controlled their flying sword to stop before they descended in the forest.

“This faint pink mist looks really weird but is quite pretty. They should be harmless to humans, right?” spoke Selena curiously as she looked at the mist in front of them.

“Don’t worry, sister Selena. The mist in front of us is totally harmless to humans!” answered Daniella as she walked over. “Of course, the mist is still quite thin over here and it’ll grow thicker the deeper we walk, so we might get lost or even fail to find our way out by then!”

The continuous growls from the monster beasts could be heard from the forest in front of them. From the muffled growling sounds, it seemed like these monster beasts had quite a high fighting prowess!

However, there were too many people in their ranks, and the top masters of the entire world were with them. Such monster beasts were nothing to be feared.

Turning to the crowd, jackie then spoke, ” Everybody, let’s rest for half an hour to recover your Chi. The Chi here is slightly weird, and we can only use the spirited grass to recover ourselves. Half an hour later, we’ll open the path with beams of light from the stone balls!”

With that, everyone sat with their legs crossed and rested.

After resting for half an hour, many of them had replenished the Chi in their body. jackie and the others took the stone balls out before they infused their Chi into the stone balls.

As their Chi entered the stone balls, streaks of light appeared just like what happened days ago.

However, jackie and the others aimed the streaks of light from the stone ball toward the red mist before them so as to not catch the attention of others.

One streak, two streaks, three, and four streaks…

Soon, seven streaks of lights appeared and interweaved with each other like a bright and colorful rainbow.

As the interweaved streak of light rushed into the pink mist in front of them, the mist dissipated to reveal a rather large road.

“Haha…! It looks like everything is fine after the streak of lights appeared! Let’s go!” Alejandro and the others grew increasingly excited at the revelation. With this streak of light leading the way, it would not be so easy for the monster beasts to attack everybody.

Apart from that, they could not get lost as Kevin had the map with him.

Kevin walked forward while looking at the road in front of them and started doing his research.” There’s a mountain not far away from the entrance in front of us. I have no idea how long we need to walk before we arrive at the mountain, but once we reach the foot of the mountain, we can estimate how much longer we need to walk before we arrive at the final destination based on the distance on the map.”

Based on the map, there was a mountain not far away from where they were, but they had no idea that they would only arrive at the bottom of the mountain the next afternoon.


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