No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1631

Chapter 1631
“We’ve finally arrived at the bottom of the mountain. Oh my … Based on the journey, we still need to walk another seven to eight days before we can get to the final destination marked on the map. That’s so far away!” Kevin was exasperated when he looked at the huge mountain in front of him and the distance on the map.

“It really is quite far. The main issue is the gravity here is quite different, and we can’t walk too quickly. It’s quite tiring if we continue walking like this, and our walking speed might reduce greatly if this continues. We can’t estimate based on our current speed, so I think we might need to walk another ten days before we reach the destination.” jackie frowned as well. After all, delaying another day meant that Fernando had one day less, much to his dismay.

At this stage, however, he had no other option but to take one step at a time.

After resting for half a day, jackie and the others continued their journey, continuing to move forward once they got through the mountains. As they entered deeper, the originally dispersed mist behind them had slowly reconverged. It was as if nobody had ever traversed their path.

“Quickly, quickly! The mist will reconverge around half an hour later. We can’t be too far behind them. We’ll be twenty minutes behind them, so just follow the road that the mist had dispersed from!” Joel had a smile on his face as he hurried his people.

“Haha… It looks like asking the West family to leave markings for us is redundant. We only need to follow the path where there is no mist and walk forward before the mist reconverges. There’s no need to worry about getting lost!” Matthew chuckled aloud, though he stopped momentarily. “If that’s the case, Master Joel, these hostages are useless, right?”

Joel fell silent before he finally understood what the other party meant. “They seem to be useless. Kill them!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

These hostages did not have high fighting prowess and could not use their Chi at that place, what more with flying prohibited. Surrounded by masters, they were killed.

“Haha… Let’s go. These hostages truly are useless, just like the markings left by these two small families. Haha!” Joel laughed loudly and the group continued to walk forward and followed those in front of them.

Time passed by quickly as they traveled in the dense forest, but after walking for 11 days, they arrived in front of a cave.

There were seven dented holes around this hole, and there was a sky blue-colored screen in front of the cave that shielded the insides of the cave.

“Had those masters gone inside of this place?” An old man from a second-class aristocratic family directly walked over when he saw the light screen as he was extremely excited.


Thomp! He was bounced away the moment he touched the light screen and fell on the ground with a thud.

“This is impossible! He bounced away!” One of them was stunned. He then looked around. “There isn’t any mist around this area. This is so weird! Apart from that, we can actually use our Chi here.”

jackie looked at the seven indented holes and said, “Are we to place the seven stone balls in here to open the area?”

“That’s possible. It isn’t a coincidence that there’s seven indentations here. Let’s place all the stone balls in!” Paul thought about it and nodded as he spoke.


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