No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1635

Chapter 1635
The burly man laughed sonorously at the sight before he chased after Melody swiftly.

‘Such speed!’ jackie was startled as he watched on. The burly man’s speed surpassed that of usual masters in the peak stage of the true god-level.

Of course, the man caught up to Melody in a flash and smashed forward with his hammer. “Pretty one, since you refuse to explain yourself, I’ll take action!”

Melody knew that he was extremely strong, but she never thought he would be two times quicker than her and would catch up to her so quickly. She quickly turned around and as she looked at the hammer dropping down, she infused Chi into the sword in her hands before she lifted it above her head and shielded herself.



The man was too powerful as Melody dropped to the ground with an audible thud. Melody vomited blood at that moment, and it sullied her veil. A deep hole appeared on the ground, and Melody was so deeply wounded that she could not stand up.

The thin man quickly flew over and stopped the burly man when he saw what happened. “Dummy, don’t kill her! What a waste! If you don’t want to sleep with her, I will! Haha! Let me sleep with this woman, and you can go look around the area to see if anybody else came in!”

“You…! You’re gonna die because of a woman sooner or later!” The burly man glanced at the thin man before he turned and ran straight toward the foot of the mountain.

“Haha! Seems like you’re at the mercy of my hands now, young lady. I do want to see what you look like!” The thin man laughed as he slowly walked toward Melody. He then squatted down and was prepared to unbutton her clothes.

“You… You b*stard!” Melody horror was written all over her face, but what else could she have done when she was already immobile?

“Hmph! Shall I take a look at your face first? I’d be scammed if the upper part of your face looks pretty but the lower part is ugly!” The thin man’s hand stopped mid-air momentarily before he stretched it toward Melody’s veil. However…


A shadow flashed by at this moment as the man was oblivious, and a sword pierced through his body from behind.

“You…!” The thin man turned around and looked at jackie, who stood behind him, in disbelief. As jackie pulled out his sword, the man fell to the ground.

“These two people have extremely high fighting prowess; they must be masters in the ultimate god-level. Let’s leave this place for now!” jackie glanced at Melody, who was lying on the ground. He then lifted her into his arms, much to her surprise.

After hoisting Melody into his arms, jackie looked around them and noticed two stone statues. It looked like the two men were guarding this place.

“T-Thank you, Young Master jackie!” Melody, settled in jackie’s arm, blushed a crimson color. This was the first time a man carried her in such a way, and a stranger, no less. She could feel her heart racing.


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