No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1636

Chapter 1636
Melody clearly knew in her heart that as the Melody Lawson, she could not have any thoughts about the relationship between man and woman. She tried to stop herself from imagining things.

However, being held by jackie so intimately, she could not stop the thoughts from appearing in her mind neither could she ask jackie to put her down or they would be in trouble if the bald burly man returned.

jackie thought about it and suddenly recalled something. He then put Melody down.

Melody widened her pretty eyes as she looked at jackie and said, “Do…do you plan to leave me here?”

Melody was afraid at that moment. She was in an unfamiliar area and met two masters who might have been in the ultimate god-level once she arrived. If jackie ignored and left her, she would definitely die if that burly man returned.

jackie smiled bitterly before he walked over to take down the token from the man’s waist and his martial ring. He then said with a smile, “I almost forgot to take my trophies. This guy should have quite a high fighting prowess and there might be some nice items in his martial ring!”

Melody felt embarrassed before she finally relaxed.

After all, it was not the outside world and jackie did not have any obligation to save her in that unfamiliar world. It would already be great if anyone could survive on their own.

After jackie kept all the items, he picked Melody up again and flew down the mountain from another direction.

“I wonder where my father, Selena, and the others appeared after they arrived. It would be quite troublesome if they really met such a burly guy! If I didn’t sneakily attack the guy just now, I would not be his opponent if we really got into a fight.” jackie said with a frown on his face as he flew.

Melody thought about it and said to jackie, “Your combat power has surpassed usual masters in the peak stage of the true god level. I feel that everybody would be safe if we manage to kill that bald man!”

jackie hesitated when he heard this. He stopped as he had just flown a short distance away. “Do you think that I have hopes of killing that bald man if I work hard enough? But I have no idea what his fighting prowess is! During his fight with you, I have no idea how much power he used and if he held back his power! Would it be too risky?”

“From the conversation between those two people just now, they were sent to guard that place and nobody had entered this area throughout the years. I think that no matter what forces they are from, they must have forgotten about this place. Hence, the people they sent would not have such high fighting prowess. They must be people that are here for a show!” Melody thought about it before speaking her thoughts. “Why don’t you think about it? We have no idea when the ancient tome had been written and the last batch of people who came here must have been many years ago. During that time, they were able to break through into the ultimate god level in Daxia and all of them managed to come here. This meant that the Chi at our place was still very rich. Now, so many years have passed without people entering this area and nobody would pay much attention to this so-called entrance. Hence, those who are sent here to take care of this place would be miscellaneous soldiers, right?”

jackie also nodded after he heard this. “You are right. Even if their fighting prowess is at the ultimate god level, it might not be impossible to fight them with my combat power. However, it’s going to be difficult if I’m going to do this alone. We might stand a chance if there are several people here!”


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