No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1638

Chapter 1638
As she stayed in the cave, Melody started feeling a sense of regret after jackie left. ‘Sigh… Is it too selfish of me to persuade him to gamble his life like this? However, I have to give it a try in order for our Supreme Clarity Sect to obtain peace for some time!’

Melody felt slightly guilty about her actions. After all, jackie did not have a huge possibility of winning in her opinion. If the bald man did not use his full power and only used 1% of his energy previously then jackie would not be the other party’s opponent.

However, she soon shook her head and comforted herself. “Impossible, even if the bald man was a master in the ultimate god level, he would only be in the First or Second-grade of the ultimate god level. jackie still stands a chance of winning. After all, I could feel the killing intent from the bald man’s look previously. He definitely would not only use a small portion of his power under such circumstances and he would have at least used most of his strength!”

She bit her sexy red lips after she finished speaking and mumbled to herself, “jackie, you definitely have to come back alive!”

At this moment, jackie had already arrived at the place where the fighting sound was coming from.


As he hid on top of a tree, he happened to see a master from the Cloud Sky Sect, who was in the peak stage of the true god level, being killed by the bald man. Beside them, another man from the Cloud Sky Sect and an old man from the Hall of Divine Royal were lying lifelessly on the ground.

‘D*mn it! Why are the people from the Cloud Sky Sect and Hall of Divine Royal here?’ jackie frowned when he saw the situation and was speechless. It looks like the people from these two forces had thought of ways to follow them in. It was even possible that they were already following behind jackie and the others when they were in the Misty Forest.

‘Never mind, it’s also good that they have followed us here. It would be troublesome if all of them were left outside, especially the members from the Cloud Sky Sect, as they might take action against the members of the White family who are outside!’ jackie felt much better when he thought about it that way. After all, members of so many forces had entered and it was impossible to completely keep this a secret throughout these seven days.

Apart from that, he did not have the time to ponder about that issue then. What he was thinking at the moment was how to kill the bald, burly man.

After the bald, burly man killed the old man from the Cloud Sky Sect, he curled his hands into fists and mumbled to himself. “F*ck! It looks like more than one person has entered. What is really going on? How did they discover the entrance to the sacred grounds when it’s concealed so well? Nothing has happened when the others were sent to guard this place for so many years but so many people have entered when the two of us are guarding this area. We are so unlucky! Luckily there aren’t any masters in the ultimate god level as the abandoned area doesn’t have much Chi and they haven’t inherited any martial art technique. If not, it would be really troublesome.“

Sounds of people fighting could be heard from many other places. The bald man thought about it and went rushing toward another area where fighting sounds could be heard.

jackie thought about it and secretly followed the other party.

“Haha… I’ve never imagined that we would bump into Master White here. It looks like even the gods are helping me!” Four people surrounded Nash and Selena under a tree.

Nash, who was in the peak stage of the true god level, had a darkened expression on his face as he looked at these four people in front of him.

He had never imagined bumping into Selena, his daughter-in-law, not long after he entered this area.


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