No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1639

Chapter 1639
Selena had a low fighting prowess and everybody was worried about her safety. Nash was delighted when he saw her.

However, as the two were prepared to search for other members of the White family, they were coincidentally discovered by four people who stood in front of them.

Among these four people, one of them was Joel from the Cloud Sky Sect while the other was Matthew from the Hall of Divine Royal. The other two people were masters in the final stage of the true god-level from the Cloud Sky Sect. Nash did not have any chance of winning against the combined combat power of these four people, especially when he was accompanied by Selena, who had a low fighting prowess and would only drag him down.

Nash was confident that he would still have the chance to escape if he was facing these four people alone. However, it was obviously difficult for him to escape on his own and leave Selena behind.

“Father, are these…these people strong?” Selena had never met Joel and the others. She was worried when she saw the serious expression on Nash’s face.

“They are very strong. There are two masters in the final stage of the true god-level while the other two are the sect master of the Cloud Sky Sect and the hall master of the Hall of Divine Royal. I believe you don’t need me to tell you about their fighting prowess!” Nash said with a serious expression on his face. He clearly knew that Selena’s fighting prowess was nothing compared to the other party. On top of that, these four people had completely compressed the fluctuation of their bodies. Hence, Selena was unable to see the situation of their fighting prowess.

Selena’s facial expression grew increasingly darkened when she heard this. She knew that these four people in front of her were not simpletons but she never expected them to be the bosses of their two enemies. One of them was a sect master while the other one was a hall master.

Selena only hesitated momentarily before she gritted her teeth and said to Nash, “Father, you don’t need to care much about me, you should just escape by yourself. If you have to take care of me, the two of us would end up dead. If you escape by yourself, you might have hopes of surviving as you have an ultimate-grade spiritual tool with you! You only have to ask jackie to avenge me when you find him!”

“No way!” However, Nash had a determined look on his face. “You’re my daughter-in-law, how am I supposed to explain to jackie later on if I escape alone? There’s no way I will agree to this! I think I shall stall them and you can escape by yourself. I will stall them and try to buy you some time to escape. You are still young while I’m already old. It doesn’t matter if I die!”

“Haha… This is such a touching scene!” Matthew started laughing loudly. “Unfortunately, do you think you are capable of stalling the four of us? If your son is here, not only the four of us, we wouldn’t be his opponent even if there are four more of us. However, you…you are very much behind compared to your son!”

“Surely, jackie’s wife looks stunning and is comparable to Melody Lawson . She even looks as pretty as Helena and Daniella. I really want to try what a woman like her tastes like!” Joel smirked as he was extremely happy.

“jackie’s woman. Haha… You are right! I don’t really like other people’s wife but jackie is an exception!” Matthew also smiled coldly. As jackie killed so many members of their Hall of Divine Royal, he really wanted to know what would the expression on jackie’s face be like if he learned that his wife had died in their hands and was even taken advantage of by them before she died.


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