No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1640

Chapter 1640
“Father, you should leave now. If you don’t leave now, I will commit suicide here!” Selena gritted her teeth and yelled at Nash.

“No way, don’t you act irrationally. You are the one who should leave as I’m already at this age. When I was poisoned by the vicious Lily previously, I had already looked past life and death when I thought that I was dying. Hence, I’ m not afraid of death. You’re different! You’re still young and you still have a long life with jackie. You have to survive for Kylie’s sake! Do you understand?” Nash said to Selena with a certain expression on his face as he held onto his sword and looked at the four people in front of him vigilantly.

Selena’s facial expression slightly wavered when she heard the name, Kylie. She had obviously started to hesitate.

“F*ck me! There’s really quite a large number of people! There are six people here!” Unexpectedly, a burly man with no hair came flying over from the forest at this moment. He had a huge hammer in his hands and looked at the people in front of him domineeringly.

‘Father, Selena?’ jackie was surprised when he saw the people below him as he was hiding in the trees. He had never expected his father and Selena to bump into Matthew, Joel, and their people.

“Who are you?” Joel and the others frowned when they saw the bald man. The faint imposing manner of this person caused Joel to slightly worry.

“Who knows which small family this guy is from? Why? Do you plan to cause trouble here? You want to be a hero and rescue the beauty?” An old man from the Cloud Sky Sect smiled coldly and slowly walked toward the bald man. “Young man, bugger away if you are a tactful person. You must be suicidal to think that you can meddle with the affairs of our Cloud Sky Sect and the Hall of Divine Royal!”

“Haha… Such arrogance! I’m not here to rescue that woman, I’m here to kill all six of you!” The bald man said hoarsely and he paced over while carrying his huge hammer. With every step he made, a deep footprint appeared on the floor.

“Such an arrogant tone! You must be suicidal!” The old man appeared in front of the bald man in a flash and directly punched forward.

Fast and it was difficult for normal people to avoid his punch.

However, he was surprised to discover that his punch had missed its target after he punched forward. The bald man in front of him had disappeared.

“Im-Impossible!” The old man was extremely shocked. He looked up and a huge hammer came smashing down at him.

“Be careful!” Joel immediately yelled loudly when the old man punched forward. He was able to see the burly man’s travel path and that man was extremely fast. He had rushed into mid-air in a flash and came crashing down at the old man with the hammer in his hands.

It was too late by the time the old man managed to realize what was happening, he exploded after being smashed by the hammer.

“His speed is too fast. This person must be a master in the ultimate god level!” Matthew looked at the token on the waist of the other party with a cold expression on his face and said, “Bloodshed Clan? We’ve never heard of such a clan! It looks like this should be a clan in this area. D*mn it! He’s an aborigine from this area!”

Joel inhaled in fright when he heard what Matthew said and his facial expression immediately darkened. They had never imagined that they would bump into a master in the ultimate god level.

“Haha… I don’t have a high fighting prowess or I won’t be sent to such a deserted area. However, it is nothing difficult for me, who has almost broken through into the Second-grade of the ultimate god level, to kill you people!” The bald man touched his head and started laughing loudly.


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