No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1641

Chapter 1641
“Second-grade ultimate god realm? Matthew, why don’t we fight him together?”

Joel thought about the matter and proposed.

“Fight him? That won’t do at all! Although the other party is only in the first-grade ultimate god realm, the gap between the true and ultimate god realms is too huge! With the three of us joining forces together, we’re no match to him! And even if Nash joins in and fights with us, we’re still unable to defeat him!”

Matthew’s face turned solemn and gloomy.

He gritted his teeth and spewed a few words, “Then we’d better escape!”

He immediately wheeled around and flew away after dropping his last words, storming away from the scene toward the distant sky.

“Trying to escape from me? Not that easy!”

The bald man immediately flew after Matthew while injecting his Chi energy into the huge hammer. The huge hammer shone brightly like a diamond, and he smashed out with the hammer at a distance.

In an instant, a frightening wisp of Chi was shot out. The Chi energy of the wisp carried a faint golden color.


Matthew, who had already flown several miles away, was blasted by the attack and exploded instantly.

“What the heck? That was extremely fast!”

Witnessing the speed of the attack, Joel, who had planned to fly and escape as well, stood frozen. The confidence in his heart was instantly crushed at the sight before him. The bald man’s attack was obviously faster than them, and the range of his attack was very far as well. Perhaps, only the ultimate god-level fighter could be this powerful.

“Ma-master, what should we do?”

The face of the elder of Cloud Sky Sect blanched. He looked at Joel, who stood beside him, his eyes full of terror and his voice trembling.

It was such an arduous and tiring journey to come to the place where one could finally break through to the ultimate god realm. How could they expect to encounter a native as soon as they stepped into the land? Even worse, the native was a first-grade ultimate god-level fighter. How unfortunate was that?

“Now, now. It’s your turn!”

The bald man looked at the elder, letting out a cold smile.

“No, no! Don’t kill me!”

The old man was so frightened that he turned around and swept out in a storm, exerting his speed to the limit.


Unfortunately, another horrifying golden wisp of Chi shot out, instantly catching up to the old man and blasting him away.

Joel was so scared that his body went cold with dread. Matthew was the freaking master of the Hall of Divine Royal! And he was one of the strongest in the sea territory. Nobody would expect him to be killed just like that.

Plus, his men were all good and strong fighters; they were killed without being able to counter the attack at all! Now, the other party’s eyes were fixated on him, did it mean that he was his target right now?

Similarly, Nash and Selena were in a complete state of terror. They started to doubt whether entering the area was a wise choice to make. These natives seemed like they loathed intruders from outside.

“Hold on!”

Seeing that the bald man was ready to strike at him, Joel stretched out his hand and said desperately, “Brother, I have a question for you. You and I, we have no grievances nor grudges between us, why do you want to kill me? We’ve not offended you in any way!”


The bald man laughed out loud instead. With a rough and coarse voice, he bellowed, “The moment you stepped into this place, you were doomed to die! You foolish people, how dare you intrude our place and take our martial enhancement resources! You are clearly seeking death!.


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