No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1642

Chapter 1642
“My dear good brother, please spare my life! I’ll give you everything that I have in my martial ring! Alright?”

Joel was frantic with fear and his face was ashen. After a quick thought, he knelt on the ground before the bald man, begging for mercy, his tone panicked. “My good brother, it was not easy for me to reach my current martial status, and we came here not to offend you but out of curiosity. We are trying to find out if there are really strong fighters of the ultimate god level. If you’re willing, we’ll get out of here immediately, okay? How can we exit this place?”

“Hmph! Get out of here? Isn’t it good to die here instead? Besides, if I allow you to leave, there’ll be more people who will find out about this place!”

The bald man snorted coldly; he raised his huge hammer and swung toward Joel, casting a martial attack.

Joel was rendered speechless at the bald man’s behavior, at the same time, fear pulsed through him.

However, something quickly popped up in his mind and his eyes lit up. “Wait, wait! As long as you let me go, I’ll tell you exactly how many of us have come in, which clans and families are here, and even, I can help you to lure them out and kill those guys!” He yelled in a shaky voice.

Sure enough, the bald man stopped his movement the moment he heard Joel’s words. He was tempted by Joel’s proposal.

After all, he did not know how many people had entered this time. In only a short time, he had encountered and killed many of them. There must be more intruders entering the vicinity. Hence, it was useful for him to spare this b*stard and used him to lure the others.

jackie, who was hiding not far away, was speechless at the scene before him; the corners of his mouth twitched several times upon hearing Joel’s ridiculous proposal. He did not expect him to betray the people of Daxia just to save himself!

“Joel Collins, what a shameless punk! You want to betray even the people of your Cloud Sky Sect as well?”

Nash’s fury suddenly sprang to life. He stared furiously at Joel with malice and hatred in his eyes.

“Hahaha! As long as I can live and this man from the Bloodshed Clan is happy, he can take in the people of Cloud Sky Sect. My people and I are willing to work under them. And if they were upset with us one day and want us dead, then I’m also willing to offer our lives!”

Joel’s eyes were reddened, and he laughed out loud. “Nash White, can’t you see? This place is not like any place in our area! There must be many real strong people here! Bullsh*t true god peak level fighters like us are nothing compared to any of the strong people here! I just need to live! As long as I live, there’s


At this moment, Joel, who had witnessed the death of several strong fighters, was edged with terror and fear. The only thought in his mind was to survive this ordeal, to the point that he could sacrifice the lives of other clans and families.

“Hahaha! Good! Obey me if you want to live! I’ll finish these two off first, then I’ll take them back to the clan. And you shall tell us how many people have entered this place, who are they, and which families they belong to! Then we’ll be able to kill these people who came in together!”

The bald man was delighted at Joel’s nasty proposal. “Don’t worry. Just obey and behave well, and our clan leader or elder or whatever you guys call, as long as they are happy, perhaps, they might even spare you and your sect’s lives. But this also depends on your cooperation in this matter. Behave well and cooperate with us properly…”

However, just before the big bald man could finish his words, a terrifying aura came straight at him with a flash behind him.

The bald man felt the terrific danger approaching and he was so frightened that he immediately veered to the side.

Unfortunately, he was still too slow in dodging the attack. A powerful sword attack landed solidly on his shoulder and in the next second, one of his arms was chopped off.



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