No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1643

Chapter 1643
The bald man dodged to the side, only then did he wheel his head and look at what was behind him; his eyes filled with panic and shock. If he had not sensed the danger behind him and had been half a minute slower, his body would have been split into half and he would have died for sure.

Blood flowed out from the shoulder, and only after a brief moment, the bald man’s face turned pale.

He instantaneously took out a hemostatic healing pill and swallowed it down. The bleeding slowed down. But even so, the injury that jackie had inflicted on him was way too heavy.


Joel took a sharp intake of breath as he looked at jackie. How could he have imagined that jackie would appear at this moment and give the bald man a surprise attack.


Selena turned her head and took a look. It was jackie! Her eyes immediately welled up and her nose reddened; she could not help but feel relieved and happy. Just moments ago, she thought that she and Nash were going to die and that she could not see jackie again.

To her surprise, jackie appeared and sneakily attacked that big bald man, inflicting a heavy wound on him.

“He reacted pretty fast, eh? I used my fastest attack, but he could actually sense it. Sigh! I couldn’t finish him in one blow, what a shame!”

jackie sighed aloud, but soon a smile crept onto his face again. “However, I’ve given you such a big surprise-you’re heavily wounded! So, your combat prowess should be sharply reduced too!”

“You, kill him now! Aren’t you a sect master? Killing this brat shouldn’t be a problem for you, right? As long as you kill him, I will put in good words for you when I go back! This is the moment for you to take credit!”

The big bald man gritted his teeth and glared at jackie with malice and hatred in his eyes. He then ordered Joel, who was beside him, to kill jackie.

Joel almost fainted when he heard that. Him killing jackie alone? Was the bald man kidding? He knew that even if there were five of him, he still did not have the confidence to terminate jackie, not to mention he was now alone. How could he do that?

He gulped, then took two steps backward and replied, “Senior, I… I’m not able to do so. I don’ t have that ability to kill him. You don’t know who this brat is, his name is jackie. His combat prowess is overwhelmingly powerful. Although he has not reached the ultimate god realm, I do think that his combat prowess is already comparable to first-grade or second-grade ultimate god level! This brat has killed many people in my clan before!”

“Ugh! What a useless shrimp!”

The bald man was upset at Joel. He looked at jackie with a stony face. “Young man, you don’t have any martial virtues, do you? How dare you ambush me!”

“Haha! There can never be too much deception in war, don’t you think so? Besides, you are so strong and powerful, why should I uphold those goddamn martial virtues?”

jackie laughed sinisterly. He pointed the long sword in his grip at the other party. “I must kill you today. Otherwise, you’re gonna be a huge threat to my White family members!”

“Hmph! I’m injured but do you think you have the ability to kill me?”

The bald man’s face was full of sweat, cold, and clammy. With one hand holding his huge hammer, he directly leaped up high and smashed down furiously at jackie.


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