No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1644

Chapter 1644
The bald man had lost one arm, which made it inconvenient for him to carry such a huge hammer, however, he could not afford to underestimate the other party’s combat power. The attack of the huge hammer carried a wind whistling sound, heading straight to jackie and giving a strong sense of oppression.


Nonetheless, jackie snorted icily at the attack. He then clutched the sword in his hand tightly, injected Chi energy into it, and then chopped out against the huge hammer.


At once, a frightening wisp of Chi flew straight up and heavily blasted the top of that huge hammer of the opponent.

A huge explosive sound rang out as the two powerful attacks collided together.

Joel, who was standing aside, watched the scene before him in surprise. His heart could not help but leap into his throat. If jackie successfully decapitated this big bald man, he would definitely not let him go.

The bald man, although he was powerful, was injured by the blow just now. Compared to a two-handed attack, there was a huge difference in using one hand to swing the hammer toward jackie.

Furthermore, even if jackie was no match for the bald man, he would still be able to slow down the other party; that would not be a problem for jackie to do so given that he was such a powerful fighter.

After thinking momentarily, he immediately mobilized, surged his Chi energy, and went straight into the distance in a flash.

“That punk actually escaped!”

The moment Nash saw that Joel fled, he flew for some distance, wanting to go after him.

However, once he thought of how powerful Joel was, he would most likely not be able to catch up. Even if he did, he would not be able to kill him. Hence, he ceased going after Joel.

He was more concerned about jackie’s situation after all. He was afraid that jackie was no match for the bald man and worried that the bald man would suddenly strike at Selena. Hence, he decided to stay and could only watch Joel flee the scene.

“Damn, this brat, didn’t he come from that place? A peak true god-level fighter could have such strong fighting prowess too?”

The big bald man thought that jackie was definitely not his opponent, but jackie’s attack had obviously weakened his speed of smashing downward. His heart was uneasy at the outcome.

He was not a first-grade ultimate god-level fighter but a second-grade one. So, he was much stronger and more powerful than that skinny guy before.

So, in his point of view, even if he was injured, jackie was definitely no match for him.

However, from the situation right now, jackie blocked his attack and reduced his speed.

His speed of smashing downwards was descending incessantly, and soon jackie’s attack could actually overpower his hammer attack and instantly blew him a dozen feet away.


At this time, with a powerful stomp, jackie leaped up to the sky, flew to the front of the bald man, and swung his sword toward the bald man.

“Amazing! Judging from the situation, that bald man may not be jackie’s opponent! Luckily jackie ambushed and injured him before that, otherwise, it’s very unlikely for jackie to defeat him!”

Looking at the two men fighting in the sky, Nash was slightly relieved. In this situation it seems like jackie was now in the upper hand.

Moreover, the blood on the bald man’s arm had not completely stopped. The blood was flowing out little by little, making the color drained from his face; his face was paler than before. He was obviously getting more and more strained in the battle.

“Blade Wave!”

After fighting for a while, jackie let out a faint cry, casting out the Blade Wave. Waves of aura flying swords were shot out like long aura sword dragons flying toward the bald man. Soon, the bald man had fallen.


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