No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1645

Chapter 1645
“He’s finally dead!”

Staring at the corpse on the ground, jackie could finally breathe out a huge sigh of relief. If jackie had not sneakily attacked the other party and severely injured him before the battle, he was afraid it would be difficult to kill the bald man.

After taking off the bald man’s martial ring, jackie turned around and walked toward Selena, who was at the other side.

However, just as jackie extended his leg to walk away, the bald man opened his eyes at this time. A black skull flew out of the bald man’s body, rushing straight to jackie. The bald man’s body squirmed a little, completely lifeless.

“jackie, watch out!”

Both Selena and Nash were shocked at the sight of that little black skull. They immediately yelled at jackie in panic, alerting him.

jackie did not even dare to turn around and immediately dogged aside in a flash.

Right after he veered to the side, the black skull charged forward faster and in an instant, it came before Selena. Before Selena could react, the little black skull burrowed into her left cheek. Selena’s eyes widened.

“What the hell?”

jackie was completely dumbfounded. He totally had no idea what that was. He looked back at the bald man who was completely lifeless, and he was even more puzzled right now. What was that freaking attack that the bald man had cast right before his last breath?

He flickered and within a second, he came to the front of Selena. And at this time, a thumb sized black spot appeared on Selena’s left cheek, like a huge black mole.

“Selena, you…how do you feel right now?”

jackie gulped and asked in a voice full of concerns. He did not know what it was.

“I…I don’t know. I don’t feel any pain at all. What was that thing?”

Selena looked preoccupied. She took out a mirror from her martial ring and looked at her face closely.

“Heh? What…what is this! Dear, what is this?!”

After spotting the black mole-like thing on her face, Selena was scared. Her almost perfect face was now ruined by a black lump of flesh. It downgraded her beautiful face in an instant; she did not look as good as before. She was basically disfigured by the huge black spot.

“Sigh! I don’t know what it is either. That little skull was getting faster and faster. If I had known that the skull would enter your body, I would not have dodged it!”

jackie felt a pang of heartache and guilt when he looked at Selena’s worried expression. He sighed aloud.

“Right, we should see what’s in the bald man’s martial ring!”

jackie suddenly thought of something, and he took out the bald man’s martial ring, searching through it.

Within several minutes, he found a book from the ring. He took it out and began to look through it.

His expression grew more and more unsightly as he read through the book. “Dammit! This is a curse technique of the Bloodshed clan and it’s very vicious! If the curse is not removed, the person who is struck by this curse will not live more than a year!”

“A year!”

Terror thundered down on Nash the moment he heard jackie’s words. Selena, who stood beside them, was startled at the newly learned information. They did not expect that the bald man’s attack was actually a vicious cursing technique.

However, after a moment of silence, Selena said with a bitter smile on her face, “A can do with a year. I’d have long gone to hell if you did now appear in time a moment ago. I should feel content to be able to see you now, and even better to be by your side for another year!”

jackie studied the book meticulously before saying, “Don’t worry. I’ll heal you! According to this book, there’s a way to remove this curse!”


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