No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1646

Chapter 1646
“Is there really a way? Hubby, you’re not lying to me, are you?”

A bitter smile was plastered on Selena’s face upon hearing jackie’s words. She was afraid that jackie was only telling her white lies to comfort her.

“Yes. There’s a solution to the curse. To remove the curse, we must craft a fourth grade intermediate level pill, and…and we need a treasure from the Crystal Cloud clan.”

jackie smiled dryly, and to make Selena believe his words, he shoved the book to Selena, letting her look at the content written in the book.

“Fourth-grade intermediate level pill…could we possibly find such a thing within a year? And there’s the Crystal Cloud clan. We’ve never even heard of this clan before! How could they possibly offer the treasure to help us? Besides, the natives here can’t wait to kill those of us who have intruded their place, how could they possibly help us!”

Selena’s brows puckered together, losing her spirit.

“Don’t worry, my dear. As long as there is a way, there’s hope. And we should work hard for it!”

jackie held her hand and said to her, his tone serious.

“Alright. Let’s see what else is in the bald man’s martial ring!”

Selena bobbed her head, only then she pointed at the martial ring and reminded jackie.

jackie immediately searched through the ring again. “Wow! There’s quite a few spirited stones and spirited grasses in his martial ring. There are many second-grade spirited grasses and several third-grade spirited grasses. Unfortunately, there’s no martial or cultivation technique to help us break through to the ultimate god realm. Sigh. I wonder how these people broke through to the ultimate god realm!”

He then took out another martial ring and showed it to Nash and Selena before saying, “This martial ring belongs to another person and he’s from the Bloodshed clan as well, just like this bald man. He tried to violate the sacred lady from the Supreme Clarity Sect, but I killed him in the end. I feel like his martial level should be a little lower than this bald man‘s!”

jackie rummaged through that person’s martial ring as he explained to the other two. “Wow. Not bad at all! He kept ten or so third-grade spirited grasses in his ring, moreover, some of them are third-grade premium spirited grasses! Tsk tsk. These premium grasses can’t be found outside! Wait! There’s actually a fourth-grade elementary spirited grass!”

“What? Fourth-grade elementary spirited grass?!”

Nash gasped at the finding, and soon his face was overwritten by excitement and joy. “Since these two fellas were able to break through to the ultimate god realm, it also means that we have come to the right place, and we have a high chance to break through too! Also, the bald man mentioned that he was sent to guard this remote place, which means, in this space of theirs, the Chi energy is considered low and less dense than their other spaces. For a remote place like this, the Chi energy is already that rich and dense, I can’t imagine how rich are the other places!”

“Let’s go. We should leave first. I’m worried that the corpses here will attract the monster beasts of this forest. We don’t know what kind of monster beasts there are in this forest. As for these third-grade spirited grasses, I can use them to craft some third-grade pills.”

jackie put on a gentle smile and walked toward the front. “Melody is still waiting for me inside that cave. Since this is a remote place and the two people guarding it were already killed by me, the Bloodshed clan won’t find out about this so soon. What we need to do is to find a way to break through to the ultimate god realm as soon as possible!”

Nash nodded and followed behind jackie, “I truly didn’t expect that the people from the Hall of Divine Royal and the Cloud Sky Sect would actually tail behind us and sneak into this place. These two powerhouses are our enemies! But fortunately, that bald man killed the head of the Hall of Divine Royal, it’s a good thing. Sigh! The only bad thing is that the old man, Joel Collins, managed to escape!”

“There’s nothing we can do with Joel. It’s hard for you to go after him, and I was fighting with that bald guy. So, we had to let this old man slip away.”


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