No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1649

Chapter 1649
Melody was so angry that she wheeled to jackie and demanded, “Young Master jackie, please do me a favor and kill this b*stard!”

At this moment, Nash and Selena entered the cave, walked over, and stood behind them.

“Master White, Selena, you guys are here too!”

Melody’s eyes were filled with surprise when she saw the two enter into the cave.

“Yes. Thanks to jackie! He killed the bald man, otherwise, we won’t stand a chance to live!”

Nash nodded. He then turned to the patronum of the Flying Eagle Sect and said, “We were outside the cave and overheard all the outrageous things you said to the Saintess of the Supreme Clarity Sect just now. Tsk tsk tsk. A patronum of the Flying Eagle Sect? One of the greatest Four Ancient Clans? Shameless!”

The patronum’s face grew more and more unsightly, and the corners of his mouth twitched several times. With his fists tightened, he flickered and charged toward Nash, trying to rush out of the cave.

Nonetheless, his martial level was only at the middle stage of True God Realm; he was no match for Nash at all! Nash gave the patronum a smack on his chest, directly blasting him backward and smashing him onto the ground. The patronum was squirming involuntarily; he could not even stand up on his feet right now.

jackie pulled out his treasure sword and handed it to Melody who stood beside him. “His life is yours now!”


Melody nodded gratefully and approached the middle-aged man. She swung the sword in her grip, the middle-aged man stopped squirming, laying lifeless.

“Guys, let’s all take a rest for a while. I took out the two men who were guarding this cave. We’ll set off after the Saintess is completely healed of her injury!”

jackie spoke his thoughts.

“Hmm… Since the entrance is here, then the others won’t be too far away from us. So, we can afford to rest and set off after, and we’ll still be able to catch up with them!”

Nash thought about it and then said.

“What’s on Selena’s face?”

Melody soon found out the black lump of flesh on Selena’s face. The black color has completely diffused into her facial skin and it looked like a birthmark. Compared to a moment before, the black spot had actually grown a little larger.

“Sigh! That bald man is from the Bloodshed Clan and many of them practice the art of curse.”

jackie breathed out a huge sigh and started to narrate the incident in detail to Melody. Another huge sigh was let out by jackie as he thought. “Sigh. It’s all my fault! Although the bald man was pretty much dead at that time, he was still at his last breath. I truly did not expect that under such a tough situation, he would use his last breath and cast a curse technique! If I had just killed him right after he fell onto the ground and made sure he was dead then such a thing won’t happen at all!”

“Honey, please don’t blame yourself. After all, you didn’t know the Bloodshed clan would practice such an evil curse art!”

Selena, on the other hand, smiled bitterly. “Let’s work together, shall-we? It’d be best if we can remove the curse, but if we can’t, it’s okay too. After all, my wish of seeing you and being by your side is granted. I’m happy and content.”

“I’ll definitely try my very best to remove the curse!”

jackie tightened his teeth, and his eyes were filled with determination.

Seeing that the sky had turned dark, the group rested for the night. The next morning, Melody‘s injuries were completely healed, so the four of them set off and walked out of the cave together.


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