No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1650

Chapter 1650
The quartet soon left the cave and advanced forward.

“The bald man killed the master of the Hall of Divine Royal. It’s a good thing!”

Nash chuckled as he recalled the scene. “The only thing I regret was letting Joel, that old man, escape!” He said to the other three.

A bitter smile crept onto jackie’s face upon hearing Nash’s words. “Whether those two die or live, they’re not the biggest threat to us. The biggest threat to us right now is those who have the strength of the true god peak level and have entered this place! Because it means that their forces are already infiltrating this place! And if they break through to the ultimate god realm earlier than us, that’d be problematic!”


Melody, however, covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. “They must not have thought that even if they break through to the ultimate god realm, they’d still be no match for you, right? After all, you killed two fighters of ultimate god-level yesterday. Furthermore, those two people were already in the ultimate god realm and must be very stable, yet they were killed by you. So, how could those who have just broken through the ultimate god realm be your opponent?”

“Well, that’s not wrong at all, but then I’m afraid that those people will make a move on our White family! Now that everyone is so scattered and some of them don’t even know where to go. It’s hard to gather everyone now. The situation would be better if I’m with them, but now…” jackie smiled helplessly.

Nash, who was on the side, said to jackie,” jackie, in fact, you don’t have to worry about these things. Sure, it’s a good thing that you’re concerned about whether the White family will be in danger, and this is what you should feel as the young master of the White family. But it’s useless for you to think about that now. Rather, since everyone is so scattered, it’s an opportunity to train them and let them progress!”

Selena bobbed her head in agreement. “Yes, they can’t always be protected under your wings. They have to grow up someday. They have their own path to walk. And maybe the first to break through to the ultimate god realm would be our First or Second elder, who knows?”

“That’s true!”

jackie finally beams, free of worries. He then flew in the direction of a fighting sound coming from ahead.

After flying for a few minutes, jackie and the others spotted that around ten disciples of the Supreme Clarity Sect were surrounded by a group of people from the Cloud Sky Sect. Gloominess surged through the atmosphere among the female disciples and several of them were badly injured.

“Damn, they’re from the Cloud Sky Sect! Why are they here?”

A female disciple of the Supreme Clarity Sect, who was also a patronum, seethed. This female patronum had broken through to the late stage of True God Realm. Although the breakthrough was not long ago, to have such strength was considered excellent!

“They have more people than us! We only have a dozen or so with us but they have more than thirty people! Worse still, they have several fighters of true god late-stage and two of true god early stage. Ugh! We’re in trouble!”

Another female disciple of the Supreme Clarity Sect stressed sullenly; her face was unsightly and she further tightened the sword in her grip.

“Hahaha! Why can’t we be here? Our master is smart and wise. After knowing what you girls have gone through, he asked us to tail behind until we are here. Heh! Didn’t you, the female disciples of the Supreme Clarity Sect, always feel that you’re above the rest? High and almighty. Humph! And now you want to live? Sure! We can spare your lives with one condition!”

Among the male disciples of the Cloud Sky Sect, there was a male disciple whose martial level had already reached the late stage of True God Realm. He could not help but laugh sarcastically while eyeing at these delicious female disciples before him with an evil and playful look in his eyes.’

“Really? You are willing to spare us?”

A female disciple’s eyes immediately lit up when she heard him as if she finally saw a glimmer of hope.

“Of course, it’s for real! We’re the disciples of the Cloud Sky Sect, we will keep to our promises!”

That man nodded with an evil grin plastered on his face.

“Brother Moo, this is not a good idea! These women, all of them are so f*cking good-looking! It’d be such a waste to let them go! Are you sure?”


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