No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 2032

Chapter 2032
Gerald replied calmly, “We needed sect contribution points no matter what we wanted to do. If the two of us stayed in the sect, how many contribution points would we be able to collect, even if we slaved ourselves away? Instead, we’d be able to obtain more by going to a safer place outside like Mount Beasts.”

Pavilion contribution points were something every disciple needed. No matter what they did in the sect, it required a large amount of sect contribution points. Although Jackie had just obtained 150 sect contribution points from the battle against Wesley, the points were a mere drop in a bucket and were insufficient for Jackie.

There were many ways to obtain sect contribution points. Usually, newly recruited informal disciples would stay in the sect to do some chores that were safe and could earn them contribution points, such as completing various chores for elders, assisting smelters in producing weapons, or helping alchemists to cultivate pills. Disciples would ultimately earn these points.

However, such contribution points were a waste of time-they were too few for Gerald and Morton.

Instead, it was far better to leave the sect and hunt monster beasts in Mount Beasts for their spirited cores. They could return to the sect and exchange the spirited cores or other exchangeable parts of the monster beasts for sect contribution points. From the happy smiles on both Gerald and Morton’s faces, they seemed to have had a fruitful trip.

Noel raised his eyebrows and asked, “It looks like both of you have had a fruitful trip. How many contribution points did you guys manage to get?”

Morton responded, though unable to hide the grin that crept to his face, “We’ve obtained a total of two hundred-and-eighty points within these two days, but each of us only got an average of a-hundred and -forty contribution points.”

Noel’s facial expression changed when he heard the number. Although 280 contribution points was not a large amount to Noel at that moment, it was a lot for newly recruited informal disciples who had just joined the sect to come up with. Their capabilities of obtaining 280 contribution points within a dozen days proved that both Morton and Gerald were much stronger than most of the newly recruited informal disciples.

“You both seem well-versed,” Noel did not hold back his praises. “Based on what I know, the total amount of contribution points earned by ten of the newly recruited informal disciples isn’t as much as the two of you.”

Morton raised his chin arrogantly. “How can we be the same as those opportunistic people?” To Morton and Gerald, they did not place themselves in the same position as the other newly recruited informal disciples, even though they joined the Dual Sovereign Pavilion through this recruitment assessment. After all, they were more than capable of passing the usual recruitment assessment for informal disciples.

This was why Morton labeled the other newly recruited informal disciples as opportunistic people, He and the other disciples unanimously agreed that these people would never have had the chance to join the Dual Sovereign Pavilion if there were no friction between two sects with the possibility of a terrible war

From Morton’s reaction, it was not difficult to see how arrogant he was.

Jackie subconsciously raised his brows when he heard what Morton said, but his face remained stoic and he spared no glances at both Morton and Gerald.

What Noel wanted to ask at that moment was how did Morton and Gerald join forces? After all, almost everyone who knew these two knew about their strained relationship. These two had always been like water and fire where none of them looked happy whenever they met. It was an astonishing fact to others, knowing that they went on a hunting trip to kill monster beasts together.

However, Noel was smart enough to hold his tongue. After all, all three of them would be in for an awkward time if he asked Morton and Gerald about this.


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