No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 2036-2040

“Elder Sawyer, I believe that you are fair and unprejudiced. Although we had an altercation with him in the beginning, we did not overdo things. Even if that guy was resentful, he should’ve considered your support toward Senior Brother Wesley and refrained himself from carrying out such a violent attack. The martial skills of the soul attribute cause people to be wounded terribly. That guy did not care about anything and directly wounded Senior Brother Wesley badly. His body wounds can be easily healed but not the wounds on his soul within a short period of time!”

A hint of anger flashed through Elder Sawyer’s old eyes as he slightly narrowed them. However, the anger disappeared soon. “Not only is this guy strong, but he also has a bad temper. As an elder of the sect, I cannot simply take action against disciples. However, if I allow this guy to develop at will, he will soon step over me someday in the future.”

The man with triangular eyes quickly went along with the conversation when he heard this. “That’s right! Elder Sayer, this guy is really arrogant. Not only that, I think that he’s also haughty and inflexible. He seems to be a vengeful person. Although he has wounded Senior Brother Wesley severely, I feel that he would still settle accounts in the future. Elder, what do you think we should do in the future…”

Elder Sayer’s originally calm face darkened increasingly. He humphed coldly. “There’s no need for you to prod me into action as I know what to do. Treat this as a lesson for Wesley. He always does things according to his will and bullied others just because he thinks he’s extremely talented. What you said about that guy seeking revenge in the future makes sense. However, you need to understand that the young man is considered one of the top disciples in the sect considering his talents and strength. We will definitely suffer a terrible loss if we simply go against him. We need to find an opportunity to take him down for good.”

The man with triangular eyes grew excited when he heard this. “I shall obey your orders!” Elder Sayer raised his eyebrows. “Alright. I know what you’re thinking and you’re worried about Jackie taking it out on you. There’s no need to worry about that. With my presence, he would not dare do anything to you. However, there’s a time limit on this. If we allow Jackie to grow, he would definitely threaten you and even myself. We cannot allow somebody with a grudge toward the Sayer family to continue to develop.”

The man with triangular eyes nodded with all his might. He was about to continue speaking when they suddenly heard the rapid sound of bells ringing.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The bells were so loud that they could be heard in every corner of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. The rapid sound of the bells caused the two of them, who were in the room, to be stunned.

Elder Sayer raised his eyebrows and looked outside the window. His eyes, filled with experiences, were slightly stunned. “I thought that this would happen after some time. Who would have expected them to start the battle now? Those people from the Muddled Origin Clan are really impatient.”

The man with triangular eyes did not know what was going on. Elder Sayer looked at him and explained everything like a responsible teacher even though he seldom spoke to such informal disciples that were not talented. “This is the only bell in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion and it will not be rung unless something important has happened. Now that the bell rang, It means that the great battle between sects is happening.”

A great battle at this moment was naturally the conflict they had with the Muddled Origin Clan. The corners of Elder Sayer’s mouth curled upward. “This is a great opportunity and you should cherish it.”

Jackie naturally heard the rapid sound of the bells. He was not in the wager battle arena at that moment. Instead, he had gone to the soul hall with Noel and the others. Jackie was considered one of Noel’s friends at that moment. The others might not understand what the rapid clanking of the bells meant but Noel did.

Jackie’s expression darkened after he listened to the short explanation by Noel. At that very moment, he had already made new plans. Brook followed behind the two of them like a puppy and he was also in the soul hall. Noel was on duty that afternoon. The soul hall was quiet and empty as nobody visited the place during normal times. They sat around the long table and the runner disciple of the soul hall, Zayn, prepared a pot of tea for them.

Chapter 2037
The smell of the fragrant tea overflowed into the space but they obviously did not pay any attention to how good the tea smelled. Noel spoke helplessly, “In the end, we are still going to war. How did this happen so quickly? Senior Brother Jackie, do you plan to join the war? You can get quite a large number of contribution points if you manage to kill some people during the battle.”

Many of those present looked over to Jackie at the same time when they heard what Noel said. Jackie shook his head decisively. “It is true that I can receive quite a significant amount of contribution points if I accept this task and leave the sect to kill the enemies. However, my strength at this moment cannot ensure my safety. It is true that the members of the Muddled Origin Clan want the people from our sect dead, but the people from our sect are also wishing for my death.”

The people around him immediately quieted down when they heard what Jackie said. They were able to identify the hidden meaning behind what Jackie said, Although Jackie was more talented than many others, he had also made quite a significant amount of enemies. Many people would take action against Jackie out of jealousy. Wesley and the others would definitely not allow him to continue to grow stronger.

Noel nodded and said, “In that case, do you plan to remain in the sect and train for some time before you leave to kill the enemies?” Jackie sighed helplessly. “That’s the plan for the time being. However, I have no idea when Wesley will send over the bets he owes me. I have no idea how badly wounded he is and I don’t know if he will wake up within these three days.”

Jackie had won 150 sect contribution points from Wesley and that was sufficient to support his training for ten days. On top of that, he had also won two soul-penetrating pills from Wesley and they were worth a fortune. At that moment, Jackie was worried about whether Wesley would send the bets over. He thought about it and said, “If there aren’t other choices, I shall go over and ask for the items. After all, I am in a rush to practice…”

Noel and the others chuckled when they heard what Jackie said. They could imagine how angry Wesley would be when Jackie could no longer wait and personally visit him to ask for them.

However, footsteps could be heard after Jackie finished speaking. Everybody was stunned and wondered who would visit the Soul Hall at this moment. Noel turned around and happened to see Steward Chapman walking in with a smile on his face. He had several items in his hands. Noel narrowed his eyes and quickly stood up from behind the long table. Steward Chapman had a kind smile on his face but he did not look like an easy-going person as he had an eagle-like nose and foxy eyes.

Steward Chapman nodded to Noel and turned around to look at Jackie without saying anything. He arrived at the long table and gently placed the tray on the long table. “Elder Sayer asked me to send over the bets.”

Jackie raised his eyebrows as he sized up Steward Chapman. There were two boxes on the tray. He casually took one of the boxes and as he opened the box, it revealed the black pill in front of everybody there. The pill had many complicated runes carved on it that looking at it once was enough to shock one’s soul. The pill also had a weird scent that taking a whiff of it made them feel instantly refreshed and relaxed.

“This is the soul-penetrating pill?” Jackie asked.

Steward Chapman nodded and stretched out his hand. He spoke calmly, “Please hand me your identity token. There are 150 sect contribution points for you.” Jackie nodded and took his identity token out of his storage space before passing it to Steward Chapman.

Chapter 2038
Steward Chapman brought out a glowing red identity token. Both the size and materials were obviously better than the disciple’s identity token. The name’ Maynard Sayer’ was written on the identity card and though Jackie did not know Maynard, he could guess that it was the identity token of Elder Sayer.

Steward Chapman then took out a yellow paper with many runes written on it and placed it in front of Jackie. “I’ll need you to sign this transfer of ownership paper.”

Jackie glanced sideways at Noel but did not detect anything peculiar in his expression so he signed the paper which immediately burst into flames after he lifted his pen. This stunned him a little.

“There are rules in the clan associations. Contribution points cannot be transferred to one another willy-nilly. If you need to transfer the contribution points, you need to sign the transfer paper. Only after signing the transfer paper, the points can be transferred to your identity token,” explained Steward Chapman impassively.

After the explanation, Jackie’s identity token began to glow slightly. Jackie lightly washed his divine senses across it and as expected, his previously zero contribution points had increased to a hundred and fifty points. Steward Chapman then bowed slightly, turned around, and left with the tray without saying anything

“He did all that to keep you in your place and as a warning. It seems like Elder Sayer is really protective of Wesley,” said Noel when he was sure that Steward Chapman was out of earshot.

Jackie raised his eyebrow nonchalantly. “I’m afraid it’s more than that.”

Noel’s expression changed. “What do you mean? What else is he trying to say?”

Jackie shook his head and in a calm voice said, “Only time would tell. One thing is for sure, he wants to teach me a lesson.”

Jackie did not want to get too entangled in this topic. He took the soul-penetrating pill out of the wooden box, sniffed it lightly, and immediately felt his soul tremble. It was definitely good stuff. He was confident that he would advance quickly in his training now that he had two of the pills.

Noel’s face was a little dazed. It was obvious he had something to say but Jackie was not in the mood to hear it. “I can finally train in the Array Eye Door again,” said Jackie.

Noel’s lips twitched uncontrollably. He thought something was definitely wrong with Jackie’s head. Jackie seemed unmoved by all the crises and he did not know what else to say to him.

“One hundred and fifty points gets you fifteen days. I’m sure you’ll reach a new height after coming out from the Array Eye Door.”

Jackie shook his head and swept his eyes over the location of the Array Eye Door. “You can deactivate the array at the end of the fourteenth day.”

“You’re planning to train for only fourteen days?” Noel was a little stunned. This was a deviation from Jackie’s usual behavior. Normally, he would spend everything on the Array Eye Door and nothing on the lessons or techniques.

Chapter 2039
Jackie nodded and said, “Yes, fourteen days. I plan to use the remaining ten contribution points on other things.”

Jackie had gotten used to the sticky darkness and as usual, he did not let Noel turn up to level five difficulty.

He was confident he would be able to train under level five difficulty but truth to be told, it would be somewhat hard on him.

After the previous training, Jackie had come to understand one thing: stronger stimulation does not guarantee faster progression in his training.

He should maintain a balance by making sure the shock wave was not too strong nor too weak and level four difficulty hit the sweet spot.

After the array had been activated, Jackie immediately felt the familiar stimulation as the soul-shockwave washed over him. Thus, his training had begun.

This time, he intended to condense the Fourth Soul Sword. The seconds ticked by and the more he trained, the more difficult the training was. After four days, he only managed to condense two-thirds of the fourth Soul Sword. Under normal circumstances, two-thirds meant that success was not far off but now he discovered that he had already reached his limit. His spirit energy was all dried up and he could not continue on anymore.

He started to panic. Condensing a Soul Sword must be done in one go and if he stopped halfway, all his previous hard work would have been wasted. Not to mention the contribution points he had already spent.

Beads of cold sweat began to form on his forehead. He pressed his lips into a thin line.

Although he had the experience left by his senior, and there was no doubt that this was better than being personally taught by an elder, there existed a huge gap between his and the senior’s spirit energy.

In the process of condensing the Soul Sword, he would not encounter too many bottlenecks but because of his insufficient cultivation level now, his spirit energy was not strong enough.

This made it unsustainable for him to continue on.

Jackie’s expression turned ugly when he thought about all the wasted effort and contribution points.

He was taking big gulps of breath and he was completely drenched in sweat.

On the fifth day, the Soul Sword remained condensed at two-thirds.

He knew that he would definitely cause harm to his spirit if he preserved like this.

It hurts him even more knowing that even after hurting his spirit, he would still not be able to fully condense the fourth Soul Sword.

He could and would not accept that fact. He adjusted his spirit energy resignedly and took out a pill from the Mustard Seed.

The pill emitted an abundance of aura and without hesitating, he popped it into his mouth.

As soon as the pill reached his gut, strong spirit energy immediately melted into his body, and the dried-up spirit was instantly moisturized, like a beached starfish being thrown back to the sea.

With the spirit soothed, the feeling of unsustainability disappeared without a trace. What Jackie took was naturally the soul-penetrating pill he had just won.

The soul-penetrating pill, being a soul- attributed pill, not only could repair the spirit but also increase the spirit energy.

After Jackie took the soul-penetrating pill, his spirit energy increased drastically, Jackie seized the time to take the soul-penetrating pill.

He only took it when his spirit had completely dried up.

This had the best effect, and it could also temper his own spirit energy.

He then performed a hand seal again, and the fourth Soul Sword, which had been stagnant, finally condensed quickly with the help of the soul-penetrating pill.

On the sixth day, Jackie successfully condensed the fourth Soul Sword with some spirit energy leftover.

He exhaled deeply, and there were four Soul Swords floating in the palm of his hand.

These Soul Swords were each darker than the previous, which meant that the strength was stronger than the previous.

If Jackie were to go against Wesley now, he was certain that he could easily defeat him without even hurting his spirit.

Jackie closed his eyes, quickly recovering the consumed spirit energy. There was still a lot of time left.

He intended to take advantage of the remaining time to condense the fifth Soul Sword!

Chapter 2040
The seconds ticked by and the only constant was the pitch-black darkness.

It was not hard to imagine what would happen when the war between Dual Sovereign Pavilion and Muddled Origin Clan finally began.

Although he did not plan to join the frontline, sooner or later he would have to for the sake of contribution points.

What kind of trials would he have to face at that time, he was not sure himself, the only thing he could do was to continuously improve his cultivation.

Only when he was strong enough then he would be able to protect himself in the war.

Even if he were to encounter dangerous situations, with enough power, he would survive.

That was why, through gritted teeth, Jackie persevered on with training even though he was both mentally and physically exhausted.

After condensing the fourth Soul Sword on the sixth day, he immediately began to condense the fifth Soul Sword.

He planned to use the remaining time to complete the condensation of the fifth Soul Sword.

He kept performing hand seals and the surrounding soul-shockwave continued to crash over him like a tidal wave.

Days passed and on the twelfth day, two- thirds of the fifth Soul Sword was already condensed but the same problem resurfaced as his spirit energy became unsustainable again.

His spirit energy was so dried up that his true energy was running dangerously low too.

After several days of training, he constantly invoked the true energy in his body.

Destroying the Void was a weapon of the soul attribute but when it came down to it, he would need to invoke his true energy too.

Similarly, condensing the Soul Sword required his spirit energy to be supported by his true energy.

Over time, there was not much true energy left.

Taking another soul-penetrating pill would solve the insufficient spirit energy but not the depleting true energy.

Without the support of the true energy, he would not be able to condense the fifth Soul Sword with the remaining time.

After realizing this problem, Jackie slowly opened his eyes, his hands never stopped performing the hand seals, but the helplessness in his heart became more and more apparent.

He knew that he would run into many obstacles in the future if he did not condense the fifth Soul Sword.

Not to mention the contribution points that he would have wasted. He had made a lot of enemies for himself in the Clan associations.

Although Elder Sayer sent someone over to transfer the contribution points to him, it was obvious to any outsiders that Elder Sayer held a grudge against him for what he did to Wesley.

He must improve his strength to deal with the troubles that may arise next.

“I can’t give up now!” Jackie gritted his teeth and said to himself, but doing so would not solve his problem.

He only had one-twentieth of his true energy left and he estimated that it would be completely depleted within a few hours.

Then he would have no choice but to stop his training because even if he still had some spirit energy left, it would quickly dissipate without the support of true energy.

He breathed out helplessly, secretly regretting that he had not thought this through beforehand.

He predicted that his spirit energy would run out but he did not expect his true energy would as well.

The spirit energy could be replenished by taking the soul-penetrating pill but the true energy had no such pills.

The pills he had brought over from the Daxia World were of no use to him now.

After all, his current cultivation base had already surpassed the limitation of the highest cultivation base in the Daxia World.

The only pills that were of help to him now were the soul -penetrating pill and sengen pill.

Suddenly he sat upright and his eyes widened.

“That’s right! I still have the sengen pill I won from the talent test.

It’s a tier-five pill and considered the best amongst that tier.”

At that time, he did not listen attentively to the effects of the sengen pill.

He guessed that it would probably improve the cultivation base which was more useful to the disciples at the innate level.

He took a gulp and thought to himself,’oh well,better than nothing!’


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