No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 2041

Chapter 2041
He took out the two pills from the Mustard Seed Spirit Ship.

The two pills floated above his palm. One of the pills was slightly reddish, and he felt his strength soared after sniffing it. The other pill exuded a dark glow. Just by placing this pill under the tip of his nose, he felt refreshed and full of energy. These two pills were the sengen pill and the soul-penetrating pill.

After thinking about it, Jackie popped both of these pills into his mouth. Immediately, he felt a surge of energy spreading all over his body.

Outside the Array Eye Door, Noel was sitting on a chair with one leg on top of another, shaking his head and humming a little song.

The staff on duty in the Soul Hall changed every five days.

Today, it was Noel on duty again.

Generally speaking, the more motivated a disciple was, the more time he would spend on training, even if his environment did not allow him to do so.

However, Noel was obviously not motivated.

He wanted to enjoy his free time and had no desire for training.

He was shaking his head vigorously and was in the moment when he heard a click coming from the Array Eye Door.

He suddenly stopped shaking, placed his foot down, and sat up straight.

“He should be coming out now. What day is it today?” Noel had lost count of the days Jackie had been inside.

He got up and walked quickly toward the Array Eye Door.

There, he saw a man with a pale face and beard on his chin, as if he had been beaten by someone, walking slowly out from the door. It seemed as if walking out of the door had taken all the man’s effort and Noel did not recognize him at first.

He quickly got a hold of him when he saw that the man was about to collapse.

“Brother Jackie,what happened? Did you hurt your spirit?Why does it seem like this time was worse than the last time?’

Previously, when Jackie came out of the Array Eye Door, he still had enough energy to walk out of the door though he did look a little worse for wear.

This time,however, seems as though Jackie had been through hell and came back. Not only did he lose weight, he was also unshaven and haggard.

The look on his face was so miserable that those who did not know would think he had been living in a slum for a few years.

Jackie shook his hand with his last remaining strength.

He could not even utter a word.

It just so happened that Zayn was walking in with a broom in his hand and he, too, was shocked when he saw Jackie’s state.

The two of them helped Jackie to the bench and Noel poured him a cup of tea. Then he took out a pill from his own storage space and placed it in front of him. The pill was not high in grade, but it was extremely effective in restoring energy. It was a pill that could strengthen one’s essence and cultivate one’s spirit.

Jackie shook his head subconsciously. The price of this pill was not expensive but it still required contribution points to redeem it. Although Noel had been in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion for a long time, he was not rich.

Despite Jackie’s decline, Noel forcefully stuffed the pill into Jackie’s hand.

“Don’t worry. Just take it. I didn’t use my contribution points to get this pill. It was given to me by my elders and there’s more where that came from. You need it more than I do now. You can repay me later”

Jackie had no choice but to accept the pill since Noel had already said so. Besides, he was right about Jackie needing the energy restoring pill. After hesitating for a second, he finally popped the pill into his mouth.


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