No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 2048

Chapter 2048
Jackie’s eyes went cold when he saw what happened. He really should not underestimate this monster.

One blow from it was comparable to Wesley’s attack. This made Jackie even more puzzled.

After all, the area he was in belonged to the outer, outer periphery. It should be extremely safe.

Even Wesley would find it difficult to win against the Frost Wolf, what more to say about the other weaker informal disciples? Was it just a coincidence that Jackie bumped into a Frost Wolf here? He narrowed his eyes and reminded himself that he had no time to think about all these.

The Frost Wolf quickly attacked again when it saw that it had missed.

It charged toward Jackie by pushing off on his powerful hind legs.

“Oh shit!” The speed of the Frost Wolf was so fast that he could only catch a glimpse of an ice-blue blur.

His heart was trembling and his hands kept on dealing out hand seals.

He kept on retreating while activating the laws of space to dodge the Frost Wolf’s bite.

That was how strong Jackie was. A fighter in the initial stage of innate level would definitely not be able to dodge the attack but with his speed, Jackie was able to quickly open up the distance between him and the Frost Wolf.

No matter what, the Frost Wolf had an advantage when it comes to close or melee combat.

Therefore, making it the strongest type of Frost Wolf amongst the intermediate stage of innate level monsters.

The ice-blue eyes swept away in the direction that Jackie ran off to.

Its eyes narrowed slightly, and it seemed to be surprised that the human in front of it was stronger than it had imagined.

He was able to dodge his attack with the support of the law of space and within two or three breaths, Jackie had already put a vast distance between him and the Frost Wolf.

He narrowed his eyes, and a thought flashed in his mind that he would need to defeat the Frost Wolf in the shortest amount of time possible.

Dragging the fight longer would only make it worse.

He performed some hand seals again and took out three black daggers from the Mustard Seed Spirit Ship.

Now he had four uniform black daggers in his hand which he had prepared beforehand.

He took a deep breath, and a gray-black light flashed in his hands.

The Frost Wolf seemed to sense that Jackie would be trouble and did not want to drag on the fight too.

It threw his icy blue head and howled toward the silent sky as if calling for its pack.

This made Jackie chuckle on the inside.

Then the Frost Wolf charged toward him again.

A dazzling icy blue light burst out from the center of the wolf’s eyebrows, and four six-sided ice crystals shot toward Jackie at an extremely fast speed.

The speed of the Frost Wolf’s attack seemed to have increased tenfold.

Jackie took a deep breath.

When the six sided ice crystals shot over, he knew in his heart that it was impossible to dodge, so it was a good thing he had never planned to do that.

He frowned and the gray-black light in his hands flourished.

He pushed both of his hands forward, the gray-black light instantly wrapped around the four black daggers like a vine.

With a light exclamation, the black daggers rushed toward the Frost Wolf.

A trace of contempt flashed in the Frost Wolf’s icy blue eyes when he saw the attack.

It seemed like it was very disdainful of Jackie’s attack. The next second, the four black daggers collided with the four six-sided ice crystals.

The icy blue light and the gray-black light met in mid-air, and the sound of impact erupted out with the violent energy fluctuations!

After the two beams of light collided, they released a dazzling spark again, the Frost Wolf and Jackie narrowed their eyes at the same time.


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