No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 2049

Chapter 2049
Blinded by this light, the two opponents could not see each other clearly, but this state lasted for only half a breath. The next second, pieces of fingernail sized ice flakes drifted down all around them.

These icy blue fragments were the product of the six sided ice arrow being crushed. When the Frost Wolf saw the fragments in the sky, before it could react, the four gray-black daggers rushed out from the dazzling light and were aiming straight at its neck.

This made the Frost Wolf tremble in terror. After fighting for so many years, it had formed an instinctive reaction and began to retreat swiftly to avoid the attack. However, the four daggers suddenly shook violently in the air. The middle three daggers were especially shaking violently.

The Frost Wolf heard a “click”, and the three daggers exploded midair with the shattered pieces shooting toward the surrounding like a steel needle. The Frost Wolf saw with its own eyes that even after the three daggers had exploded, there were still three black rays of energy in their original position. They were still rushing toward him with the only dagger that did not explode.

The Frost Wolf found this strange and instinctively backed away. It sped away very fast but how could Jackie let go of such a good opportunity to kill it once and for all? He whispered, “Now!”

He performed the hand seals again, and the three Soul Swords, under his control, merged with the only dagger that had not exploded with a swishing sound. After the fusion, the attack power of the Soul Sword increased sharply and the speed of that black dagger skyrocketed.

He did not even hesitate to use the law of space here. Although Jackie could control the law of space, he still had not perfected the technique and thus, was a little burdensome to use.

However, now that a rare opportunity had been presented to him, he could not let this Frost Wolf go no matter what! Seeing the black dagger chasing after it, the Frost Wolf once again relied on his speed and retreated with a whooshing sound.

The Frost Wolf turned its head back to look at the incoming dagger while it was running and it seemed as if its worst fear was being realized. Originally, the black dagger was still tens of yards away from it, but for some reason, the space suddenly distorted and in the next second, the black dagger was inches away from it!

This was so unexpected to the Frost Wolf that it was caught off guard and the next instant with a stabbing sound, blood began to spray out of its body. There was another explosion as violent energy crushed against the Frost Wolf and it fell to the ground instantly with a whimper. In fact, the physical damage it received was only secondary to the soul damage it received. After all, Destroying the Void was a soul-attributed technique.

The soul of the monster beast was their weak point. The instant the black dagger imbued with the four Soul Swords pierced the Frost Wolf body, it was then that its soul became minced meat. It could not be any more dead than it was. Before the Frost Wolf took its last breath, it still did not understand how a human being in the initial stage of innate level could be so strong

Seeing the Frost Wolf motionless on the ground, Jackie breathed a sigh of relief and Nash came out of the Mustard Seed Spirit Ship.


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