No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 2051

Chapter 2051
“I plan to earn two hundred points this round. If not, it’s not worthwhile to come on this trip.”

Nash suddenly felt he was making a big fuss out of nothing. After all, it was Jackie’s first time here so it was no surprise if things happened unexpectedly.” Maybe you should have brought a local with you. It was not a good idea for you to come here alone,” he said grudgingly.

Jackie put away the map and said, “I’ll do that next time. In any case, let’s stay here a few more days and kill as many monsters as we can. We can always head back when it gets too tough for us.”

Jackie had always been firm in his decisions so Nash gave up trying to persuade him.

Four days passed. One mile away from the cave where they were staying, Jackie was staring at a red eyed white lion’s corpse, lost in thought and as always, Nash was standing beside him.

The red-eyed white lion was not strong; it was only In the initial stage of the innate level, but their location was even more remote than Jackie’s previous location where he killed the Frost Wolf. It was so remote that they were nearly out of the Mount Beasts.

Jackie furrowed his brow and said, “This is the fifth initial stage of the innate level monster I’ve killed.” His face gradually became frightening to look at. Since it was his first time entering Mount Beasts, he had no reference to what was or was not normal. He did not know if the situation there was as it is or if a sudden change caused the initial stage of the innate level monsters to begin to wander more outskirt.

For the past few days, to be on the safe side, he had only been wandering near the cave, hoping to kill a few more acquired level monsters. Instead, he came across four innate level monsters, two in the intermediate stage and two in the initial stage. Fortunately, they were all alone. There was no doubt Jackie would have run away if they were in groups.

Nash shook his head and said, “This is very weird indeed. According to the map, there should not be any innate level monsters here at all. There should not even be any acquired level monsters! The Chi here is too weak and there aren’t any spirited plants at all. There should only be normal beasts here.”

Jackie nodded his head in agreement. The red-eyed white lion had taken its last breath and could not be any more dead than it was. Its fresh blood flowed to the ground and the metallic scent of death drifted into their noses.

Then, Jackie shook his head in resignation. “Oh well, let’s clean this place up before leaving. We can discuss whether we should leave Mount Beasts when we’re back at the cave.”

Even Jackie was a little shaken. Within these four days, he had killed a total of five innate level monsters and each of the spirited core from them could get him at least seventy contribution points. Even the other parts of the monsters would get him at least another three hundred or so contribution points.

Nash glanced pointedly at Jackie and with a voice full o f concern said, “How about we go back now? I don’t think we need to discuss this anymore. I feel it’s getting more and more dangerous around here. I’m not sure whether I’m being paranoid but don’t you think the innate level monsters are getting more active around here?”

Jackie raised his head and smiled bitterly. “Maybe it’s just our rotten luck to have bumped into something weird here.”

Nash did not know what to say to that. Jackie sighed and cut the conversation short. He squat down and took out the tools he frequently used from his storage ring

Suddenly, hurried footsteps sounded from somewhere far away. It was so sudden that it made both Nash and Jackie spontaneously look over in the direction of the sound. Jackie instinctively took out his black daggers from the storage ring and clenched it tightly in his hand.


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