Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 522

“By the way, have you seen the video of the match?” Someone asked everybody.

As soon as the topic was brought up, the discussion came to be extremely intense. After Samuel shed the video game, they had actually already seen the video with numerous channels, but no one was willing to mention this embarrassing point.

” It’s odd that Samuel has such a big advantage in his hands. After going to the bathroom, he suddenly resembles a different individual.”

” I’ve the very same concept. I can win even if I take control of the mid-term situation, yet he actually shed.”

” Could it be that something shady happened while he bowel movement?”

” Are you stating that Shangguan Heibai has secretly made a tiny action?”

While every person was reviewing, Jiang Fu impatiently knocked on the table with his hand as well as claimed, “Even if there is something dubious, this good-for-nothing is as well ineffective. He can lose the game with simply a scare. He has actually never considered our self-respect.”

In Jiang Fu’s view, considering that Samuel was forced to participate in the competitors by them, after that he should consider their feelings.

Whatever occurred, he ought to get the champion back and let the participants of the Go company in Cloud City have a long face.

” That’s right. Even if he passes away there, he still needs to give us the champion. Even if Shangguan Heibai threatens him, he shouldn’t have compromised.”

” Unfortunately, we should not think this good-for-nothing. In the past three years in Cloud City, although I haven’t seen this good-for-nothing, I have actually listened to a great deal concerning him, and also his weakness is rooted in his bones.”

” Do not consider the competition. The more I consider it, the angrier I end up being. Currently I can just vent my anger on him.”

There was a strong discontentment on everybody’s face. It seemed that Samuel should treat them as his elders. He needed to appreciate their sensations.

Tian Changsheng permitted Samuel to sit next to him during the birthday banquet. Lots of individuals were curious when somebody asked this concern.

Back at the birthday celebration party, every person believed Samuel was going to be grown by Tian Changsheng. Today, at such a critical moment, Tian Changsheng really did not care about it whatsoever, which was incomprehensible.

Jiang Fu grunted coldly and claimed, “Tian Changsheng is a clever man. In my opinion, Samuel needs to have had some value to him in the past, so he purposely raised his condition. It’s understandable that Tian Changsheng deserted him.”

It had actually been several years because Tian Changsheng handed over the business to his son. He had been remaining at his boxing house to kill time and also unexpectedly sustained the son-in-law Samuel of the Sue household.

” This good-for-nothing is truly pitiful. He was made use of by Tian Changsheng when he was kicked away once more.”

” I believe Yvonne risked to secure him since Samuel was preferred by Tian Changsheng. Yet this bad female doesn’t know that Samuel is worthless to Tian Changsheng any longer.”

” Possibly she is depending on Samuel to solve this problem. I do not understand just how she will really feel when she knows the reality.”

The group mocked him with a smile on their faces. It seemed that they had actually entirely stomped the Sue family to death.

In the current situation, it was indeed difficult for Sue family members firm to turn the tables, since not only had all the participation been unilaterally broken, yet even all the staff members in the business had been eliminated by Harvey. Such an empty company couldn’t be saved even if it was an effective figure in the world.

On the other hand, Harvey was obsequious. He had actually hired the family members of the Sue Household as the core of the brand-new firm and once more came to be a prize in the hearts of the relatives.

This kind of sensation of being valued made Harvey feel contented. He even had the impression that in the near future, the words “Harvey” would change the Heavenly Household and end up being a supreme big shot in Cloud City.

“Harvey, you’re really something. You in fact took care of to discover a financial investment of one billion.” Finally, Yara did not have to work under Yvonne anymore. To her, this was a great thing. Harvey had offered her every one of this, so she normally had to flatter him.

“My capacity is absolutely nothing. He will spend more money for me in the future. It’s just a matter of time before the status of the Sue family goes beyond that of the Divine household,” Harvey said arrogantly.

Yara responded readily. She was persuaded of his words.


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