Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 528

Jianghe Group.

An inner meeting had just ended. When Jiang Hai will leave, an elderly executive of a firm said to him with a smile, “Chairman Jiang, Senior Citizen Jiang has been in the limelight these days. He is truly young.”

Hearing this, Jiang Hai smiled faintly as well as said, “What young? The old man might have been bored lately, so he discovered something to do for himself.”

” The Sue family members was really beaten hard by the old master this time. It was not easy for her to end up being the chairman of the Sue household, but she in fact prompted the old master once again.

” I heard it was for the sake of Samuel, that good-for-nothing. I do not recognize what she’s assuming.” Another senior exec sneered. This matter was popular in Cloud City, and also the Jianghe Group had also become aware of it.

The Old Master was serious as well as intended to ruin the Sue family. Currently, lots of people were waiting to see what would take place.

As long as he’s satisfied, it doesn’t matter what he does,” Jiang Hai stated any which way. Since he understood about it, Jiang Hai had not asked concerning it, because he had not been worried that something would certainly happen. Jiang Fu had his very own influence.

” Yes, as long as the old master is happy.”

” I do not understand how many individuals are waiting to see the great show in individuals’s Square tomorrow. I’m very curious about whether that garbage Samuel will certainly turn up or otherwise.”

While they were giggling, Jiang Hai’s assistant encountered the boardroom in a panic.

” Chairman … Chairman Jiang.”

Jiang Hai glared at her as well as claimed, “Is the skies falling down? Why are you so upset?”

The assistant not only felt that the skies had actually collapsed, however likewise seemed to have experienced a quake.

Because a team of individuals pertained to the business, the entrance hall had lots of individuals as well as they did not allow any individual to leave. Now all the employees of the company were in a panic.

” Chairman Jiang, a male called Manfred intends to see you,” the assistant claimed.

Hearing Manfred’s name, Jiang Hai promptly furrowed his eyebrows. The grey-robed leader of Cloud City didn’t have anything to do with Jiang Hai, so why would he all of a sudden pertain to the business?

Jiang Hai and Manfred did not share the same path. However, provided Manfred’s present condition, Jiang Hai had no choice yet to provide face to this big shot.

Currently, in the whole Cloud City, no one risked to casually offend Manfred. Even the Heavenly Family hesitated to become adversaries with him.

An ominous feeling pertained to his mind. Jiang Hai claimed to his aide, “Take him to my workplace.”

The aide nodded as well as left the meeting room with a pale face.

” Chairman Jiang, is something wrong?”

“Could it be connected to Senior citizen Jiang?” Both senior executives asked Jiang Hai worriedly. It was initially a really basic thing for Senior Jiang to target the Sue family members, but if this issue entailed Manfred, it would certainly end up being really frustrating.

Jianghe Team had a huge impact in Cloud City. Nevertheless, it wasn’t mosting likely to be a good idea for them to anger Manfred.

“Exactly how could the Sue family perhaps get this big shot included?” Jiang Hai’s expression was tranquil, yet deep down; he felt that there should be a link in between these two matters. Otherwise, why would certainly Manfred come searching for him for no factor?

Looking at Jiang Hai acting to be calm, the two elderly leaders began to stress. If they really transformed against each various other, the Jiang Family would not have a good end.

When Jiang Hai returned to his workplace, he discovered Manfred was being in his seat as well as he was faintly dissatisfied.

“Boss Manfred, I really did not assume we would certainly satisfy such as this for the first time,” Jiang Hai stated in a deep voice.


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