Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 529

Manfred saw Jiang Hai and also stood up on purpose to tidy up his garments. With a regretful expression, he stated, “Chairman Jiang, I’m really sorry. It’s the very first time we have actually met, yet I didn’t attend the conference in my formal clothes.”

” Boss Manfred, do not say that. I, Jiang Hai, am simply nobody. Exactly how can I let you attend in official clothes?” Jiang Hai claimed.

” Given that you know that you’re no one, do you still wish to raise as well as down until you’re dating death?” Manfred stated disdainfully.

Jiang Hai considered himself a nobody, which was his modest habits. He really did not anticipate Manfred to state that. He didn’t place him in his eyes in all.

Jiang Hai gritted his teeth as well as stated, “Boss Manfred, what do you mean? I, Jiang Hai, am also famous in Cloud City. If you intentionally stir up trouble with me, I, Jiang Hai, will not be easy to manage either.”

It can additionally be thought about as a method to conserve your Jiang Family. Manfred said.

” Hmph.” Jiang Hai grunted coldly and also claimed, “Conserve the Jiang family. The Jiang family members is fine. Why do you require to conserve them?”

” Yes, obviously, yes, very good. Pertaining to the issue of your daddy taking care of the Sue household, you wouldn’t be uninformed of it, right?” Manfred said.

It’s simply the Sue household. Jiang Hai claimed disdainfully.

” You can look down on the Sue family members, yet you can’t look down on my Employer.” Manfred grinned.


Words surprised Jiang Hai. Everybody in Cloud City understood Manfred went back to Jianghu, he had actually cleared up the turmoil in Cloud City and also restored his former standing. To assume that he still had a boss!

” Manager Manfred, do not joke with me. Is there anybody much more powerful than you in the gray area of Cloud City?” Jiang Hai stated.

Otherwise, the brothers under me may have dealt with the Jiang Family members. If they do something irreversible, Chairman Jiang will have no follower. After completing his words, Manfred left the workplace.

The surface of Jiang Hai was as deep as still water. He could clearly really feel the danger in Manfred’s words. If he really did not do as he was informed, Manfred would certainly handle the Jiang Family.

Suddenly, Unexpectedly Hai’s eyes were shocked!

He asked Jiang Fu to kneel in the People’s Square, and also this location was where Jiang Fu asked Samuel to go.

The big brother Manfred had actually stated …


How was that possible?

Just how could Manfred’s boss be that good-for-nothing, Samuel?

He had been in Cloud City for numerous years and also had a notorious reputation. Just how could he end up being in charge of a person like Manfred?

You really managed to get Manfred to make a look. I, Jiang Hai is not a pushover that can be harassed by anybody,” Jiang Hai claimed, gnashing his teeth.

After leaving the business as well as returning residence, Jiang Fu sat in the living room, examining video clips of the top competitions. Although he was bad at chess, he loved Go very much. In his leisure, aside from playing chess, he likewise saw video clips of the game.

” Father, just how is the dispute in between you and also the Sue family members developed?” Jiang Hai walked to Jiang Fu as well as asked.

Jiang Fu waved his hand as well as stated, “Don’t fret about it. Papa can solve it by himself. You would certainly much better bother with the firm. Do you actually believe that Father is old as well as can’t do anything?”

Jiang Hai took in a deep breath. If this issue had just something to do with the Sue family, he wouldn’t have actually fretted about it for any type of factor. And now Manfred had shown up for this issue, he couldn’t just disregard to it.

“Dad, I’m just curious. Tell me concerning it,” Jiang Hai claimed.

It’s all due to the fact that of that good-for-nothing Samuel. Originally, we desired him to provide face to the Go Association in Cloud City, yet we didn’t anticipate that this good-for-nothing would shed the video game on objective. Jiang Fu said.

In the whole conversation, Jiang Hai captured two crucial points, forcing and also shedding. He was entirely unreasonable.

They required Samuel to take part in the video game. Samuel shed the video game and also they ask Samuel to stoop down and also ask forgiveness. They were hostile.

Certainly, if Manfred hadn’t actioned in, Jiang Hai would still feel that it referred program. Shouldn’t the weakling submit to the strong? It was a pity that the situation was different now!


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