Super Son-In-Law Chapter 230

When Alex competed for the shares of Qingyun Media with Gerald, he vaguely guessed that Gerald might have reached a cooperation with Pei Chong. Compared with what had happened today, the first person he thought of was the two behind the scenes.

As the right-hand man of Jing Kun, it was not surprising for Pei Chong to take a gun with him on a mission.

As the boss of Grand Express Corporation, Gerald had the strength to hire killers.

As a result, Group Leader Pang directly excluded them.

Under the urging of curiosity, Alex hurriedly asked, “Group Leader Pang, who are they?”

On the other side, Group Leader Pang paused and said, “Mr. Alex, I heard that you have dealt with Tang Qingsong before?”

“That’s right. Hiss… Group Leader Pang, are they Tang Qingsong’s men?”

“That’s right! In addition to a group of professional fighters, Tang Qingsong also trained a group of reserve players. Usually, these reserve players are receiving secret training and will not easily perform missions, so very few people know about it. But this time, the situation is special. Tang Qingsong made an exception and used the reserve players.”

“No wonder those people are so powerful. It turns out that they are professionals who have received training!”

“However, they claimed that they were just following the coach’s orders this time and cooperated with others. They didn’t know the person leading the team, and the coach didn’t introduce them. Therefore, at present, we can only confirm that Tang Qingsong is a participant. As for whether he is the mastermind behind the scenes, we still need to further confirm.”

“Then, should we go and catch Tang Qingsong to know the situation next?”

“Not yet. The four people all said that it was the coach who gave them the order and did not mention Tang Qingsong. Therefore, we can only arrest the coach first. Even if I can guess that Tang Qingsong is the mastermind behind the scenes, even if we go straight to Tang Qingsong, we can only ask him to cooperate with us for investigation. Only through the coach finding some evidence can I apply for Tang Qingsong’s approval.”

“You go to catch the coach. You have to interrogate him before you can catch Tang Qingsong. It will take a lot of time for you to catch him. If the coach is stubborn and refuses to admit it, it will be even more difficult. But the situation here is urgent and we are waiting to save him!”

“President Alex, I understand what you’re saying. But I’m a law enforcement officer, and I have to follow the rules…”

“I see. Is there any news about the target car?”

“Not yet. The person in charge of the management and assisting us said that they saw the target car in the surveillance video. However, the target car did not stop in the urban area and went straight to the suburb where the camera was not completely covered, so the clue was cut off. However, I have already sent someone to search the location where the target car last appeared. I hope that there will be some gains. When there is news, I will tell you as soon as possible.”

“Alright, Group Leader Pang. In that case, you can continue with your work…”

Alex hung up the phone and immediately called Ma Zhiyuan. “Brother Yuan, I finally have a clue. I have to start with Tang Qingsong. Immediately find a way to confirm Tang Qingsong’s location and then go with me to meet him. Although I can only confirm that he is an accomplice, it is also the only breakthrough point…”

After Alex finished his call, Big Ken asked worriedly, “Young Master, if we go directly to find Tang Qingsong, won’t we alert the enemy? Will Group Leader Pang have an opinion?”

“If team leader Pang wants to catch the coach, Tang Qingsong will definitely get the news and alert the enemy. In addition, according to my understanding of the law enforcement officers, team leader Pang took the initiative to share such an important situation with me. He also explained the next step of the plan to me in a tactful way. He is a law enforcement officer. He can’t determine the suspect by himself, but I can!”

“I think so… Then there’s nothing to worry about. Go and find Tang Qingsong directly!”

Big Ken understood. After that, he started the car and rushed to Tang Qingsong’s territory.

He still didn’t know where Tang Qingsong was, but there was a high chance that he could stay in his own territory…

As the saying goes, more people are more powerful, and more people are easier to do things.

It was difficult to find someone in such a big city, but there were many brothers under Xie Laosi’s command, and he was always paying attention to the movements of other forces on the street. Not long after, Xie Laosi got the news that Tang Qingsong did not arrange any underground fighting tonight, and he stayed at home.

When Alex heard the news, he immediately perked up and asked Big Ken to rush to the address of Tang Qingsong provided by Xie Laosi.

Halfway there, Xie Laosi suddenly called and reported that Tang Qingsong had driven out.

It was already midnight, and Tang Qingsong was still running outside. Something urgent must have happened.

Alex analyzed this and said to Xie Laosi, “Send someone to follow Tang Qingsong secretly. Let’s see what he is going to do at night. If he wants to run away, there is nothing to say. We must take him down. If he didn’t run away, we will secretly know his whereabouts. But don’t act rashly. Leave it to me.”

“I know, President Alex…”

Xie Laosi, who was supported by Alex, agreed without hesitation.

Alex didn’t say anything more. He asked Big Ken to stop the car at the side and waited patiently. Before confirming Tang Qingsong’s movements, there was no need to rush on. If it went against his will, it would be even more troublesome to find Tang Qingsong later. It was better to wait there.

About half an hour later, Xie Laosi sent Tang Qingsong’s address.

Alex took a look and found that he knew the place. It was the fighting fan club that he had been to before. Xie Laosi was still fresh in his memory. That time when Xie Laosi was taken away by Tang Qingsong and Sukie, he was locked up there.

In fact, that was not only one of Tang Qingsong’s underground combat grounds, but also a place for training fighters.

All the potential newcomers that Tang Qingsong had dug up through various channels were arranged there for professional training under the guise of “Fights lovers exchanging pointers”. All the coach’s and reserve fighters’ residences were arranged next to the club.

Just now, the coach who was involved in the matter was suddenly taken away by Group Leader Pang. The others were all frightened.

Tang Qingsong didn’t expect the police to take action so quickly, so he rushed over. In addition to taking charge of the overall situation, he was also in a hurry to warn others. In case the police came to know more about the situation, he should try his best to distance himself from the relationship between him and the coach who was involved in the matter, and he couldn’t let him be targeted by the police…

Alex still didn’t know why Tang Qingsong went to the club, but it didn’t matter. He just needed to find Tang Qingsong.

By the time Alex arrived, Tang Qingsong had finished his work and was about to leave.

Tang Qingsong came out of the club and saw several cars parked at the door. Then he saw the familiar faces of Alex, Xie Laosi, and others. He was stunned on the spot. “Why… why are you here? Why don’t you sleep at night? Why are you here?”

Alex took a few steps forward and said to Tang Qingsong, “I still want to ask you, what are you doing here?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“I usually don’t care about your little tricks. But today, I have to do it! Tang Qingsong, since everyone is sensible, I won’t beat around the bush. If you release the hostage immediately, everything will be fine. But if you insist on challenging my bottom line, I will make you pay a heavy price!”

“Are you sick? Did I provoke you? You threatened me as soon as you showed up. Do you think I was scared?”

“You’re pretending to be confused, aren’t you? Let’s talk about it with strength!”

As Alex spoke, he waved his hand and all the brothers present gathered around him.

Tang Qingsong had seen Big Ken, Ma Zhiyuan, Xiong Da, Xiong Er, and Xie Laosi before. Not only these faces, but also the scenes of his fighting fighters fought with Alex and his men last time were still vivid in his mind. The serious failure that was beyond his expectation had become a knot in Tang Qingsong’s heart, and he was not completely relieved until now.

When he saw these people again, he couldn’t help but feel nervous and a little afraid.

Tang Qingsong realized that Alex was no longer easy to get rid of, so he winked at the attendant next to him and asked him to organize his men. He had to be prepared to fight with Alex again in advance. With the painful lesson from last time, if they fought later, they could no longer fight one-on-one like last time. They had to attack in groups and take advantage of the advantage of their large number of people.

Only in this way could there be a possibility of winning!

Tang Qingsong didn’t show his panic. He made up his mind and pretended to be calm. He said to Alex, “Alex, don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you have arranged someone to occupy Chase’s territory. Maybe others will be afraid of you, but I’m not! You want to make trouble for me for no reason? No way!”

Alex lost his patience. He shook his head and said, “Tang Qingsong, I’ve given you the opportunity. If you don’t cherish it, then don’t blame me. It doesn’t matter if you don’t dare to admit your evil deeds on your own initiative. I’ll beat you until you tell me the truth! To be honest, I didn’t want to deal with you again. But you don’t have a good memory, so you asked for it! Brothers, come on!”

After that, Alex rushed out first.

Big Ken and the other main forces quickly followed. The brothers that Xie Laosi arranged nearby also rushed over.

Tang Qingsong was frightened by the momentum of Alex. He quickly stepped back and let his men resist.

A fierce battle began.

Just like last time, Alex was still at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, but their overall strength was not bad. The top masters, Big Ken, Xiong Da and Xiong Er, targeted the other side’s masters and chased after them all the way. The others, including Alex, also chose their opponents.

While fighting, Alex noticed that Tang Qingsong wanted to retreat into the house. He quickly said to Hunter, “Capture the boss first! If necessary, you can shoot! But remember, don’t kill him first.”

Hunter followed Alex’s gaze and instantly understood.

Hunter, who was holding back his anger and was in urgent need of venting, passed through the crowd and pounced on Tang Qingsong with a murderous look.

Although Tang Qingsong had some strength, he had no power to fight back against an expert like Hunter.

In less than three minutes, Hunter pressed Tang Qingsong to the ground, and his head was broken and bleeding.

Alex realized that Hunter’s eyes were red from killing and he was afraid that Hunter would beat Tang Qingsong to death on the spot. He quickly shouted, “Stop! Stop! All of you! Tang Qingsong’s men, listen up! He has been beaten to the ground. Not only this time, but he will never get up again. From now on, he is no longer the same person in the streets of the city. If you know what’s good for you, you should find another way out and don’t do anything for him. Otherwise, he will be your example!”

All the people present stopped one after another and stared at Tang Qingsong.

Hunter also came to his senses. Like picking up a chicken, he carried Tang Qingsong, who was stunned by him, to Alex with one hand and kicked him in the knee, making him kneel down. Then, he held his back neck tightly, making him unable to move. Then, he said in a loud voice, “Open your eyes and see clearly. Do you think such a loser deserves to be your boss? Don’t you feel ashamed to follow such a person?”

Tang Qingsong regained a trace of consciousness and saw his situation clearly. He immediately wanted to die. He looked around and braced himself to say to Alex, “Do you think you can remove me from the list with your own strength? Don’t you think you can see through the disputes on the street too easily? Do you think that my brothers will leave me after threatening them with a few words? You are too naive…”


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