The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2605

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2605–Then, the two left the Crepe Myrtle Sword Pavilion.

As for the Crepe Myrtle Sword Pavilion’s affairs, Walganus had arranged for Yanina to deal with them herself.

Since she was a Sect Elder, she could become the new Sword Master with ease.

Soon, they arrived at the Imperial Capital of Sangria.

The Korinthian army was attacking Macchia City, so many cultivators within the borders of Sangria joined the army.

Meanwhile, the weaker ones had fled the nation for fear of being dragged into the conflict.

As such, the Imperial Capital no longer had its previous splendor.

The city gates were shut, and fully-armed soldiers were patrolling the city walls.

The streets were empty, and some shops were completely closed down.

The entire Imperial Capital was desolate and worlds apart from when James visited the last time.

The two headed toward the palace.

Upon arriving at the palace gates, their paths were blocked.

“you are forbidden from trespassing into the palace!”

A few female guards blocked their paths.

James pulled Xianna’s decree out and opened it, causing Xianna’s figure to appear.

Upon seeing Xianna’s shadow, the guards immediately knelt, and James and Walganus entered the palace unopposed.

They headed straight toward the palace’s main hall.

Upon seeing the Empress’ secret decree James brought, the major officials immediately contacted their colleagues.

Soon, hundreds of major officials gathered at the main hall.

Upon seeing the secret decree left behind by the Empress, they began to discuss the situation seriously.

“An Emperor? There’s been no precedent in Sangria!”

“Indeed, this would be the first.”

“Now that it has come to this, we can only obey Her Majesty’s command.”

“But he’s a man! How is he going to be Emperor if he can’t remain in Sangria for more than a month?”

AS many conversed in whispers, Walganus stepped forward and said, “Don’t worry, James and I are the fated ones.As such, we aren’t afraid of Sangria’s Curse and are able to remain in Sangria for long periods of time.”

“Since you are acknowledged by Her Majesty, I agree to James being the Emperor.”

“Long live Your Majesty!”

Many agreed as well.

Soon, the vast majority of senior officials were in favor of James being Emperor.

One of the major officials proposed that James be coronated on a fortuitous date.

However, James believed this to be too troublesome.

Besides, since they were at a critical moment, everything should be simplified.

With the court ladies’ arrangement, James wore the imperial robe and a crown and officially became Sangria’s new Emperor.

Then, as they convened to discuss their next course of action…

“Your Majesty, Sangria is in deep crisis.Please think of a way to resolve the crisis.”

All this while when Xianna was not around, everyone was in a full panic mood.

Now that James was here, they threw every problem they had onto James’ shoulders.

Before arriving, James had discussed matters with Walganus.

James said, “I hereby declare that Walganus be made the Grand Marshal of Sangria.The Grand Marshal and I will immediately head toward Macchia City and put an end to the Korinthians’ offensive campaigns.”

The first time he convened a meeting, he announced Walganus’ position and formulated a plan.

In essence, James and Walganus would head to Macchia City immediately with the Sangrian army and push back the Korinthian army’s assault.


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