The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2607

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2607–Although there were many people inside the city, no one spoke a word.

A deathly silence filled the air.

Soon, they arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion.

In the foyer, a dozen generals were kneeling.

All of them possessed immense strength, having already reached the Tribulation Rank However, they had yet to become Sages.

James sat in the main seat and waved his hand slightly, saying, “At ease.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Everyone stood.

James asked again, “What’s the situation now?”

The female general stepped forward and said, Your Majesty, the Korinthian forces have retreated from Sangria’s borders.

Based on our scouts’ intelligence, they have retreated to Yoruba Valley and are now garrisoned in a forest there.”

James asked, “How’s the battle situation?”

“Your Majesty, the Korinthian forces have been assembling and attacking Macchia City not too long ago.

Our forces that are entrenched inside the city defended every inch of our territory valiantly and engaged in several rounds of fierce battles against our enemy.”

“From the very beginning, Sangria mobilized a ten-million- strong army.

We also have many cultivators volunteering to make contributions to the war effort by becoming a soldier.

We have a total of forty million cultivators joining the armed forces, which makes a grand total of fifty million combat troops on the battlefield.”

“After a few rounds of intense fighting, our side has suffered enormous casualties.Three million have died, and more than half have suffered injuries.”

The female general briefly reported the situation on the battlefield.

Hearing this, James furrowed his eyebrows.

Three million dead? This was a terrifying figure.

After brief contemplation, he asked, “What about Korinth? How many men did they mobilize?* The female general answered, “About fifty million as well.However, since they have retreated, they will certainly be back with more.I strongly believe that they will have assembled a greater force the next time they attack.”


James nodded.

Walagnus beside him asked, “James, what do you plan to do next?”

James rubbed his temples and said after a brief moment, “Korinth is ruthlessly ambitious.Judging by the situation on the battlefield, they’re hell-bent on conquering Sangria.There will be no negotiations.Our only option is to crush the Korinthian forces and force them to surrender.”

Walganus furrowed his eyebrows and said, ‘To my understanding, Korinth is the most powerful country in this world.They have countless sects and families within their borders.Sangria won’t stand a chance if Korinth persuades its sects and families to participate in the war effort.Do you intend to fight against the Korinthian forces by yourself?”

James smiled bitterly and said, “I’m not even a Sage yet.How could I possibly accomplish such a feat?”

Then, he looked at Walganus and said, “However, I think you have the power to do so.”

Walganus smiled bitterly and said, “Indeed, I can stop the Korinthian forces by myself if I intervene.However, Korinth also has many powerful figures guarding their nation.

“If I intervene and annihilate the Korinthian forces, the powerful figure of Korinth will act, wiping out Sangria in the process.”

James looked at the female general and asked, “What is the rank of some of the most powerful figures in Korinth?”

The female general replied, “According to our intelligence, the strongest figure of Korinth is the Patriarch of the Korinth Sect.He’s a Sage King at the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.”

“The Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage?” James frowned.

Though he could defeat a Sage, he could not do anything against a Sage at the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.

After some contemplation, he said, You’re dismissed for now.I’ll discuss the matter with the Grand Marshal.”

War was not child’s play.

A single wrong decision could cause millions to die, so James had to proceed with caution.He had to avoid acting impulsively and formulate a detailed plan.



The female general left alongside the other generals.

Soon, only James and Walganus remained.

James glanced at Walganus and asked, “Walganus, I can’t see through your cultivation base.What’s your rank at the moment?”


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