The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2610

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2610–The bodhi fruit was a mysterious berry that was considered rare even in the Demon Realm.

A single one of these berries would allow a mortal to become a Sage straight away.

After consuming the bodhi fruit, Winnie’s strength increased by leaps and bounds, and she immediately reached the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.

“Dad, you have encountered difficulties on Planet Galileo, and there’s no one to help you out, except for me. So let me out.”

Winnie pleaded.She really wanted to help James out.

Besides that, she no longer wished to remain inside the Celestial Abode and simply sit by the sidelines anymore.

James was lost in contemplation.

Beside him, Delainey said, “James, I can leave this place and help you out too.I’m also at the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.”

James sighed deeply and looked at Winnie, saying, “You may leave.However, you have to obey me at all times.Is that understood?”

Hearing this, Winnie cheered and leaped into James’ embrace.

“Yes, Dad! Thank you!”

James sighed.

He really did not want Winnie to embark on the journey of cultivation.

However, since this was the Apocalypse Age, humanity would suffer the consequences if they did not cultivate.

Then, he looked at Delainey and said, “Delainey, you should leave as well.”

“Understood, James.”

Then, James left the Celestial Abode alongside Winnie and Delainey.

After leaving the Celestial Abode, he went looking for the female general.Her name was Quinella Gianna.

“Is something the matter, Your Majesty?”

Quinella greeted James respectfully.

James said, “Could you arrange these two into your army? Remember, do not let anyone know that I was the one who brought them here.Do you understand me?”

Quinella glanced at Winnie and Delainey before nodding.


James looked at them and said, “Get going then.”

Then, Quinella left alongside Winnie and Delainey.

With two cultivators at the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage by his house now, James now had breathing room.

The combined forces of Winnie, Delainey, and Walganus would certainly put a stop to the Korinthian army’s onslaught.

Even against the powerful figures of Korinth, Sangria would stand a chance with him joining the fray.

However, he did not wish to get Delainey and Winnie involved unless absolutely necessary.

For the time being, James stayed in Macchia City.

Meanwhile, after the Korinthian army retreated from Sangria’s borders, they were garrisoned outside Yoruba Valley.

At the same time, the Chancellor returned to the Korinthian Imperial Capital and reported the situation on the battlefield.

After Korinth the Second heard of the situation, he roared, ”Trash, all of you! Tens of millions of men and you can’t even take a single city!”

“Please quell your anger, Your Majesty.”

The Chancellor hurriedly said, “Sangria is determined to hold Macchia City at any cost.

Besides, our forces can’t remain in the borders of Sangria for long due to the Curse.”

Korinth the Second immediately ordered, “Order every sect and family to send their most powerful cultivators! I’ll hold you responsible if you fail to take Sangria the next time.”



The Chancellor sighed.

As Korinth the Second gave his order, every sect and family in Korinth sent their most distinguished disciples.

At the same time, many more cultivators joined the ranks of the Korinthian army.

In just a short amount of time, they had assembled a combined force of 100 million men.


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